A Family of Ancient Herbs Packed With Health Benefits, That You Can Enjoy

Sweet, spicy, flavorful, rich in antioxidants and easy to prepare

Whenever I source products to bring to you, I am always excited to find a partner whose emphasis on sustainability, quality and other important areas align with my own beliefs. This has certainly been the case with our new organic tea products.

I’ve discovered a third-generation organic tea grower who sources some of the best-quality organic teas from all over the world. Tea lovers know that a dedication to high-quality infusions and a passion for innovative organic teas is where it’s at. So, our compatibility with this tea grower was an ideal match.

Recognizing that tea is both a beloved and healthy ritual for people, I believe it’s important to develop tea blends that are a true reflection of the fruit or spice character for which each blend is named.

Most importantly, every tea, every spice and every herb used in our organic tea blends is derived from small tea producers or small disenfranchised farmers throughout the world.

Tea – Nature’s Flavorful Immunizer

People have been drinking tea for thousands of years. Taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea allows us to stop and relax amidst our busy, often stress-filled days.

drinking tea benefits
People have been drinking tea for thousands of years for the health and taste benefits

Many consumers today are switching to tea as their primary beverage, as they become more informed not only about the fantastic health benefits of organic tea, but also the potentially harmful effects of sugar-laden and artificially processed and sweetened beverages.

In addition to some obvious benefits, recent studies would suggest some more tangible health connections. Study after study over the past decade verify that tea contributes significantly to a healthy lifestyle.

In 1990, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an agency of the United Nations, announced the beginning of a worldwide campaign to encourage tea drinking, especially among young people. The FAO put forth that tea was not only a beverage representing no health risks, but also determined teas’ medicinal qualities. The positive effects of tea drinking on health were stressed during the 1990 meeting of delegates from 27 countries.

Tea and herbs have numerous health benefits:

  • Tea’s powerful antioxidants, which function as free radical scavengers, help to supports the immune system*
  • There is some evidence that drinking tea with a meal aids in digestion*
  • Research shows that tea may also provide cardiovascular support*
  • An amino acid found in tea, L-theanine, is widely recommended for sleep and relaxation*
  • The moderate amount of caffeine in tea, which is about 1/3 the amount in coffee, acts as a mild stimulant*

Green teas present promising health benefits. Early scientific studies on green teas were presented at the American Chemical Society’s convention in New York, NY in 1991. The materials from this symposium were later synthesized and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This first scientific research showed that the polyphenols present in tea (and in greater strength in green tea) act as antioxidants and can combat “free radicals” which can cause damage to healthy cells.

Since the 1991 findings, research into the scientific basis for tea health benefits, with early evidence that the tannins present in green tea are thought to diminish the activity of trypsin, an enzyme which breaks down protein, and allows amino acids to become involved in energy and cell building. Green tea is particularly known for increasing the metabolic rate and is known to be thermogenic.

Many herbs and spices used in tea blends, have been known for centuries for their medicinal properties as well. South African Rooibos contains multiple vitamins and minerals. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, the scared Indian Ayurvedic herb, has rich antioxidant and adaptogenic properties (containing stress-relieving properties and also can slow the effects of cellular aging), which promote wellness by supporting the body’s healthy immune system.

Supporting Organic Farmers at the Local Level Provides Them With Many Benefits

In each of our organic teas, the growing methods used, be it in India, Africa, China, or Southern Asia, focus on harmony between wildlife and agriculture as well as ecological responsibility to bring you pure, high-quality teas.

Know that your purchase empowers the livelihood of small tea growers and producers, providing them with numerous benefits. Your purchase matters because it will provide organic tea farmers with access to credit, attain fair prices for products as well as improved health care and education for themselves and their families.

organic farmers
Farm to cup freshness is in every one of our Organic teas

These teas are sourced only from top-quality organic tea farms adhering to the strictest organic growing practices and standards, using gentler, more environmentally friendly fertilizers and amendments approved by the National Organic Program.

Our belief and philosophy revolves around pure and organic teas. I can assure you our complete supply chain process as well as product line is free of non-organic certified pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically engineered ingredients.

You see, unlike a tomato or an apple, tea cannot be washed after harvesting. Water initiates the oxidation process, which turns green tea into black or oolong tea, and also develops caffeine and other enzymes.

The bottom line is that whatever has been sprayed on the tea leaves, herbs, spices or worked into the soil, brews directly into the cup of tea you drink. Rest assured, we pay attention to our sourcing, blending and manufacturing processes to allow you to prepare a pure organic cup of tea.

Organic Farming Helps Protect Wildlife and Enhances Soil Fertility

Organic farming works in harmony with nature – whether it’s wildlife, humans or the environment, and support growing teas, herbs and spices without genetically engineered ingredients, harsh chemicals, and potentially dangerous pesticides.

organic tea farmers
Your support helps conscientious and dedicated organic tea farmers everywhere

Our organic farmers act as stewards of our land, using century-old methods for growing without harmful chemicals. These include techniques such as crop rotation, growing plants that pests do like next to plants that pests don’t like, mulching and soil treatment, and homeopathic sprays made from organic herbs. Organic farming methods protect waterways and ground water from harmful contamination, both to wildlife and human life.

Know that these methods protect our farmers, who are helping all of us, while also taking care of the environment. They, their children and animals avoid exposure to chemicals which might harm them. In conventional tea gardens, the tea farmers and their families are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals when spraying the pest affected crop.

Certain insecticides and pesticides sprayed on crops are toxic, banned from several countries and are seriously dangerous to the farmers’ health. These chemically treated conventional teas are then passed on to the end-consumer.

In addition, organic farming protects birds and other wildlife in this richly diverse region from the same contamination that our farmers are exposed to. We only look to organic farming for supplying you the purest of teas while preserving our precious land for generations to come.

6 Delicious Teas That Soothe, Calm, and Invigorate

Filled with antioxidants and other immune supporting ingredients, coming from friendly organic tea farms, our organic teas come in six delightfully tasty and revitalizing flavors, All USDA-Certified Organic Available in bags or loose.

organic english breakfast tea

Organic ENGLISH BREAKFAST Tea: Traditional Black Tea, Robust and Full-Bodied

organic himalayan white tea

Organic HIMALAYAN WHITE Tea: Delicate sweet, floral flavor

organic rooibos spiced chai tea

Organic ROOIBOS SPICED CHAI Herbal Tea: A full-bodied sweet and spicy blend

organic tulsi tea

Organic TULSI Herbal Tea: Delightfully earthy, slightly minty flavor

organic tulsi lemon ginger tea

Organic TULSI LEMON GINGER Herbal Tea: Earthy and slightly spicy, with note of lemon and ginger

organic sencha green tea

Organic SENCHA GREEN Traditional Green Tea: A light, fresh grassy flavor

Quality Teas You’ll Enjoy Anytime of Day

Organic English Breakfast tea uses traditional Indian Assam black tea leaves to create a hearty, full-bodied tea robust enough to get every day started off right. The English Breakfast tea is naturally caffeinated and is perfect to drink alone or in the traditional style with milk.

Himalayan White Tea is grown in the Darjeeling region of India in the Himalayan Foothills, an area with abundant wildlife and lively, nurtured soil. This tea offers a crisp yet delicate floral flavor and contains some caffeine (naturally caffeinated), making it an invigorating option in the morning or as an afternoon boost. White teas are known to contain antioxidants and support skin health.

Organic Rooibos Spiced Chai combines robust spices with the subtle, earthy sweetness of rooibos to create a light brew with a sweet and spicy finish. Rooibos is a shrub-like botanical indigenous to South Africa. This herbal tea is prized for its beautiful red color and full-bodied sweet flavor without a hint of bitterness. South African Rooibos contains high mineral and antioxidant properties. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and provides the perfect option for a relaxing evening beverage.

Organic Tulsi Tea is naturally caffeine free, making it both calming and revitalizing. Sometimes called “Holy Basil” or “Queen of Herbs,” Tulsi is a sacred herb honored by South Asians for its powerful adaptogenic (anti-stress) and ayurvedic, (supporting the body’s immune system) properties. Marked by its strong mint aroma and refereshing taste, Tulsi is regarded as a symbol of good health, uplifting spirituality, and believed to promote longevity.

Tulsi is an ayurvedic herb indigenous to India. Three varieties of Tulsi – Krishna, Rama and Vana – are blended together to create a beautiful flavor that is earthy and slightly minty. You’ll truly enjoy Dr. Mercola’s Tulsi – it’s health by the sip.

Organic Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea is naturally caffeine-free, making it both calming and refreshing. Tulsi is an ayurvedic herb indigenous to India. Three varieties of Tulsi – Krishna, Rama and Vana – are blended together to create an earthy bottom note. Then lemon peel is mixed in for a citrusy flavor and a kick of ginger spice. You’ll truly enjoy Dr. Mercola’s Organic Tulsi Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea.

Organic Sencha Green Tea is made using traditional Chinese drying methods which yield a smooth and aromatic tea flavor. Sencha is naturally caffeinated and provides a bright, sweet fragrance with a light, grassy flavor. Sencha teas traditionally contain powerful polyphenols as well as antioxidants.

Bagged and Loose Tea

For Superior Tea Flavor... Introducing Our Tea Infuser

Collapsible Tea Infuser with Drip Catcher

Tea infusers are great for being able to blend the perfect tasting, perfectly seeped cup of tea.

Ideal for single cups of hot or cold tea, you can easily layer different loose teas and develop your own combination of favorite flavors. This tea infuser provides superior loose tea taste and the small holes keep any loose tea inside. The organic tea leaves are allowed to unfurl and expand, rewarding you with their full flavor potential. Enjoy every healthy sip, brewed to perfection in the Tea Infuser!

For use with my organic loose teas, my Collapsible Tea Infuser with Drip Catcher is made of laser cut stainless steel and knocks down for easy storage and can be taken with you when you are on the go.

The high-quality stainless alloy content resists most oxidizing acids, including the tannin acids in tea, and can withstand all ordinary rusting and corrosion, making it one of the most durable tea infusers on the market.

The wide rim easily fits most tea cups, mugs and teapots. When your tea is done steeping, rest the tea infuser on the drip catcher. If you haven’t experienced the joy of steeping with full-leaf loose organic teas, I encourage you to get my handy tea infuser and taste for yourself what makes it a unique treat.

I think you’ll agree that our organic loose teas steeped in a high-quality tea infuser is an easy way to enjoy the intriguing flavors these teas offer.

Enjoy Your Tea the Way It Was Meant To Be Enjoyed – Order Yours Today!

Enjoy all of the health benefits and great taste of our Organic teas.

Order your favorite flavors today and stock up for gift-giving. All of our Organic Teas along with our Tea Infuser make great gifts!

With every savory cup, you’ll know you’re supporting organic farmers who are the stewards of our land, and helping to preserve soil quality for generations to come. You’ll be contributing to the farmers’ livelihood and helping to protect wildlife.

So, enjoy health sip by sip, drinking the tastiest organic tea, direct from the farmer to your cup.

Experience the rich, smooth, signature taste – order your Tea Infuser and Organic Teas today!

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