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“The Daily '15-Minute Habit' That Helps Cleanse Your System”

Sit down and relax with your family and friends – and cleanse your body as you relieve stress, soothe your muscles, and cleanse your skin (helping it feel softer and more beautiful). Take advantage of this today…

Even though its origin is still somewhat of a mystery, most experts agree the Finns have used some form of steam sauna for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years.

And just like many products that have evolved or been modified over time by the current culture, the original purpose of this ancient Finnish "institution" has been somewhat misunderstood.

For many centuries, the Finns have enjoyed some sort of sweat bath, or what would later be known as a sauna. But they view their sweat baths' purpose, or use them as they're used today. Long before modern indoor plumbing and running water, it was one of the simplest and most efficient ways for Finns to bathe.

The sauna was far more than just a place of social gathering… farmers used it to relax their muscles and joints after a hard day's work… and any special holiday or feast day usually meant a sauna the night before.

One of the most important benefits of a sauna that hasn't changed much over time is how it can help relax your mind and body… how it can provide an exhilarating feeling of well-being.

I'll elaborate more on all the benefits and how you can take advantage of this extraordinary "bath" – even in the privacy of your own home.

But first, I doubt the Finns and others who regularly took saunas centuries ago had much of an idea what made them feel so good – what was actually happening to their bodies during a sweat bath. Here's…

What Deep-Sweating Triggers in Your Body

Even with today's more active lifestyles, many folks don't actively sweat on a regular basis; some avoid it at all costs, viewing it as offensive, and maybe even unhealthy.

But this doesn't totally explain the potential benefits from sweating in a sauna – only what happens to your body while you're in there.

Regular bathing in a sauna can help you benefit from a deep sweat because in the heat of a sauna…

  • Core body temperatures begin to rise
  • Sweat glands are stimulated to produce sweat, beginning the process of cleansing your skin

This deep-sweating is all part of the sauna lifestyle that can help you look and feel better.

I'm sure the ancient Finns did not have much of a clue about the science behind sweating. But they certainly felt the relaxing benefits from time spent in their sweat baths, and still do today.

But this doesn't totally explain the potential benefits from sweating in a sauna -- only what happens to your body while you're in there.

Let's cut right to the chase and take a deep dive into…

7 Compelling Reasons for Indulging in a Sauna

Research suggests many different types of benefits from taking a sauna. One very important benefit a sauna can provide is to help people sweat.

The chart below will give you a taste of the wide range of potential benefits, and why I recommend you consider taking a sauna on a regular basis.

Benefit How it works and explanations
1. Helps relieve stress It provides a warm quiet place to relax without distractions.
2. Relaxes muscles and helps soothe aches and soreness High temperatures help soothe.
3. Cleanse your system Deep sweating can help cleanse your system from contaminants picked up from your environment.
4. Cleanses skin Sweating helps rinse and cleanse your skin’s epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Cleansing of your pores gives your skin a soft, beautiful appearance.
5. May help you sleep better because you are more relaxed May help you relax, which may help you fall asleep around bedtime.
6. Provides recreation and social benefits Relaxing environment to socialize with family and friends.
7. Helps you feel good Helps you relax and restore body and soul.

To me, one of the most important benefits is the way a sauna helps cleanse your body.

I'll reveal in a bit more details on what I believe are some of the best complementary ways to cleanse your body. But before I do that, let's take a closer look at…

Traditional Steam Saunas

Over time, sauna technology has evolved since the early Finnish savu saunas (smoke saunas) and sweat baths.

Here's a detailed comparison of these two types and why you might choose one over the other. The amazing thing is that from either one, you can reap the benefits of deep sweating. Now, either one can be easily installed in your home…

Traditional Steam Saunas
Sauna temperatures Steam with higher temperatures – 150 to 170° F
Humidity User controls humidity by amount of water sprinkled on rocks
Sweating temperatures High temperature needed to induce sweating
Comfort levels Bathers enjoy pouring water on rocks to create steam and raise humidity levels – Makes room more comfortable for some
Steam vs. Infrared Steam helps moisten nasal passages and allows use of aromatherapy by mixing essential oils with the water
Sauna startup Bathers should allow 30 to 40 minutes for sauna to warm up
Session times Recommended session time = 10 to 15 minutes
Energy costs Estimated energy cost – At $0.12 per hour (estimated average cost per kilowatt hour in U.S.), first hour cost around $0.37 and $0.25/hour after that (Results will vary based on how regularly you bathe and your local cost of electricity.)

The potential benefits are many when you use a traditional steam sauna properly.

To enhance your time in a sauna, there are…

9 Tips and Tricks to Better Enjoy the Experience

Saunas can be used by most healthy adults if you follow some simple rules.

  1. Avoid staying inside any sauna for longer than 30 minutes
  2. Be sure to properly hydrate with fresh, pure water before and after taking a sauna and if you are sweating profusely, you will want to consider replacing your electrolytes with something like Himalayan salt
  3. Take the sauna with a family member or close friend, or make sure someone checks on you every so often
  4. If you have any kind of ailment or are sensitive to heat, check with your healthcare professional prior to partaking
  5. Work up to regular use over time. You don't have to take a 20-minute sauna from the get-go. Start slowly to build up an acceptable comfort level
  6. Try to remain relaxed, quiet, and reflect on positive emotions. Listening to some soothing background music may help you unwind and relax
  7. When finished, take a shower, warm or cool, but not hot. Avoid using soap as you're already clean and soap tends to clog your pores. Wash off your sweat with a skin brush or loofa
  8. After showering, sit or lie down for at least 10 minutes for final reflections on your sauna experience
  9. Enhance your sauna experience even more with an integrated health plan for optimal wellness

These simple steps help you reap the full benefit of the steam sauna experience. As you become more conditioned to this type of bathing, you will sweat more easily. Also you will become more comfortable with more heat as your body dissipates heat more efficiently.

Some people enjoy the hot, steamy environment in the traditional sauna. They like pouring water on the rocks to create more steam and humidity.

The Dangers of EMF and Warning Signs

You may not fully appreciate how you're chronically exposed to something that can deteriorate your health – an exposure that is completely invisible, tasteless, and odorless.

The exposure I'm referring to, and am very concerned about, is electromagnetic fields, or EMF.

EMF surrounds you… where you live… where you work… where you relax and exercise, regardless of whether you're inside or outside.

Here are the five main sources of EMF that surround you on a daily basis:

  • Electric fields – These are the fields that emanate from anything that has voltage. Basically anything electric, such as lamps, electrical wiring, outlets, extension cords, electrical appliances, and power outlets
  • Magnetic fields – These fields can occur when there's an imbalance in the electrical wiring, and around electrical motors such as the motor in your refrigerator. A major source of these fields is next to the power meter for your house
  • Power lines – These fields are obviously everywhere
  • Metal plumbing – Certain types of plumbing, particularly old metal plumbing, may frequently carry a current that conducts EMF
  • Wireless communications – This includes wireless power meters (so-called Smart-Meters), cell phones, cell towers, wireless routers, and cordless phones. Most of these types of technologies expose you to both electric and magnetic fields

I strongly believe limiting your exposure to EMF is an important step in protecting your overall health and well-being; and that certainly includes limiting your EMF exposure in a sauna. That's why I recommend you select a traditional steam sauna with very low EMF.

How to Enhance Your Sauna Experience Even More

Just taking an exhilarating sauna by itself can be both enjoyable and invigorating.

But what if you couple your sauna sessions with an integrated health program? To me, this is an even better way to take full advantage of all a sauna has to offer. It's one of the most important “9 Tips and Tricks” I mentioned above for complementing your sauna experience.

Here are a few recommendations for you on how to better integrate your sauna into an overall wellness program:

  • Eat wholesome, preferably organic foods – If you're interested in a full step-by-step nutrition plan, you can find my recommendations on the right side of my home page
  • Drink plenty of fresh, clean water – You may want to check your source of drinking water and consider filtration if there are issues
  • Reduce your exposure to EMF – We talked above about how low EMF is important to your health, and what sources to watch out for. In my opinion, using a low-EMF sauna is crucial to your integrated health plan
  • Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals – Become more aware of your environment and what's around you
  • Breathe clean, fresh air – Not always easily accomplished. But avoid staying indoors too much and seek out invigorating outdoor air
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest to help create and maintain a positive attitude – Keep your stress level under control
  • Exercise on a regular basis, as this can generate sweating – Working out 30 to 60 minutes prior to using a sauna will help prepare your fat for cleansing

Protecting the Environment – A Key Selection Factor

One very important factor I instilled in my team when they were evaluating different saunas is that only environmentally friendly models would be acceptable.

With my Traditional Steam Sauna, you can rest assured the materials come from "green'" friendly sources and the models are energy-efficient. Here are just a few key points on how my saunas are energy efficient and help protect the environment…

  • Wood/timber comes from the U.S., Canada, and Scandinavia, world leaders in timber harvest ecology.
  • My sauna is designed to be energy-efficient both at holding heat and delivering the heat.
  • My Traditional Steam Sauna plugs into standard 120-volt household circuits.
  • Typical energy usage is $5 to $10 per month. (Results will vary based on how regularly you bathe and your local cost of electricity.)
  • Very little water is used during a session – Typical usage is 1 quart of water which is far less than a shower.

In addition, my Traditional Steam Sauna has been shown to not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with little or no EMF. You're already aware of my concerns over the cumulative effects of EMF. So, this is certainly good news you can appreciate.

Quick and Easy Assembly Within Your Own Home

Another determining factor was the sauna had to be capable of easy and quick assembly inside your home.

I was only interested in a portable sauna that fit neatly into an appropriate room within your home. But, it was also very important that the sauna be attractive and complement your décor.

With my Traditional Steam Sauna, you can rest assured it is both functional and attractive. Plus, it can be easily assembled by two people using standard household tools in less than an hour.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough; who wants to spend hours trying to assemble a sauna only to find out they need to hire a skilled professional and/or an electrician? It's certainly something I never wanted to do, and now, you won't have to, either.

Why Selecting the Right Wood Is so Important

Some manufacturers of in-home saunas use the least expensive wood they can find, or even synthetic wood is often used. With special finishes, often synthetic, as well, the look of the sauna can be well-disguised and appear very attractive, simulating natural wood.

But don't be fooled. With my Traditional Steam Sauna, real hemlock wood was used. And the benefits go beyond simply creating an attractive natural look.

Hemlock is the wood of choice because…

  • It's been chosen from select sustainable forests that promote responsible forest management systems and support green environment initiatives
  • It's one of the only naturally hypo-allergenic wood species that also performs well in a sauna environment
  • The wood is very consistent and tight-grained, free of pitch and resins, and creates a very rich appearance
  • It has the ability to easily absorb and store heat evenly, and is easy to maintain and keep clean

My team was meticulous in selecting a manufacturer who could provide portable in-home saunas made from some of the best natural wood finishes available. No corners were cut in providing you an attractive and optimally functional sauna.

An In-Home Model to Fit Any Room and Décor

The handy chart below shows some of the many exciting features of my Traditional Steam Sauna. You'll see how these saunas are perfect for your home and will bring you enjoyment and healthy bathing for years to come.

Two-Person Traditional Steam Sauna
Type: Traditional
Capacity: 2 bathers - 2 levels
Dimensions (inches) 48W x 48D x 80H
Cabinet Interior/Exterior: Clear Canadian Hemlock: Tongue & Groove: Prefabricated
Cabinet Trim: Top Crown Molding / Front Curved Overhang
Exterior Wood Finish: Biodegradable Low VOCs Clear Satin
Bench: Pre-built Canadian Hemlock
Door: Tempered Safety Glass
Window: Duo Pane Insulated Tempered Safety Glass
Assembly: Hook & Pin
Heaters: Traditional Sauna Heater Wet / Dry with Finish Vulcanite Rock
Max Temp Settings: 170°F
Controls: Exterior Only
Low Voltage Mini Spot Lights: 2 (Interior & Exterior)
Color Therapy Int. Ceiling LED: 3 Fixtures / 6 Colors
Stereo: CD/FM/AM with MP3 jack with Remote Control
EMF = Electromagnetic Field: 2mG or less - Swedish Standards (TCO) compliant
Electrical Spec: 120 volt / 15 amps ETL U.S. & Canada
Warranty: From date of purchase from Mercola.com
5 years - traditional heater
5 years - electrical
1 year - stereo
Warranty replacement parts shipping paid by Mercola

A Manufacturing Partner Second to None

By now, you probably know my team found a fantastic experienced partner to produce my Traditional Steam Sauna. I couldn't be more pleased with their approach to both user-friendliness (easy-to-assemble units) and protecting the environment as well.

Here are just some of the reasons I decided to choose this manufacturer over others...

  • Original company established in 1919 in Finland. What better birthplace for traditional roots in making the best saunas
  • This has become the largest sauna company in the world through innovation, dedicated product development, and commitment to quality
  • Over 2 million satisfied customers around the world have made these saunas the products of choice for homes and clubs
  • Manufacturer is committed to producing a green-friendly product through meticulous sourcing of materials – It received the Lloyds Register of London Certificate (ISO-12001-2004) for "Environmental Management System"
  • It earned one of the most important seals for electrical standards from ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories). One of the most difficult seals to obtain, this standard basically assures the electrical aspects of the saunas are of the highest quality, from control panels to wiring

I'm truly impressed with their commitments to quality and the environment.

Why My Sauna Is a Breed Apart

The summary below outlines the key factors why I feel my Traditional Steam Saunas stand apart from the competition, and why I highly recommend it for your personal in-home use…

Feature Benefit
Very low EMF emissions Helps curb the cumulative effect of EMF on your overall health and well-being. EMF is everywhere in your environment and adding even more makes no sense at all when it can be minimized.  
Energy-efficient model designs By helping keep your monthly electrical costs to a minimum, this makes the in-home sauna more affordable for everyone.
Easy and quick DIY installation No one wants to spend days putting their sauna together with special tools or have to pay a professional. My design gets you up-and-running in less than an hour so you can start enjoying the sauna experience right away.
Hemlock wood from U.S., Canada, and Scandinavia used Who would think the wood is so important? But it is. And hemlock is not only chosen from select sustainable forests that promote responsible forest management systems, but its consistent grain delivers one of the most even-heating sources available.
Attractive, innovative space-saving model Carefully designed to not only fit easily into many different-sized rooms, but to complement your décor with its beautiful, light, and natural hemlock finish as well.
Easy to maintain and clean The hemlock wood used in each sauna design is a major factor in sauna maintenance. Its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties contribute to easy cleanup and overall maintenance.
Uses standard 120V outlet No special wiring or hookup needed. Just plug into a standard 3-prong electrical outlet when you’re ready to get started. No need to hire an electrician.
ETL approved Provides a high-level of confidence knowing all the models are electrically sound and reliable.

The Ultimate Home Experience That Won't Cost You an Arm and a Leg

This in-home model is designed to be space- and energy-efficient to help keep your monthly electric and water bills under control.

To recap, my Traditional Steam Sauna

  • Has been designed to be energy-efficient both at holding heat and delivering the heat, and plug into standard 120-volt household circuit
  • Uses meager amounts of electricity with typical usage running approximately $5 to $10 per month. (Results will obviously vary based on how regularly you bathe and your local cost of electricity)
  • Requires very little water with typical usage at about 1 quart of water, which is far less than a shower

Combined with the phenomenally low EMF emissions and very reasonable price, my Traditional Steam Sauna has been meticulously designed with the highest quality – the perfect combination for you to enjoy the century-old sauna experience and lifestyle in your own home.

Plus, you can have peace-of-mind knowing this extraordinary sauna is backed by one of the best warranties available… 5 years on electrical components… 1 year on stereo components… and FREE shipping on warranty replacement parts!

Order your personal Mercola Traditional Steam Sauna today, and begin enjoying your very own private sauna lifestyle in less than an hour after your package arrives.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but the Sauna has been discontinued.

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