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Protect Your Family From the Real Dangers of the "Wireless Revolution" Get this Revealing and Empowering DVD!

For millions of years, life evolved on an earth where the natural background level of radio frequency radiation (RFR) had been very low. Over the last hundred years, the explosion in wireless technologies like radio, TV radar and microwave has amplified your everyday RFR exposure levels by at least ten thousand times.

In the U.S. alone, the numbers of cell towers, broadcast towers and wireless Internet antennas are increasing rapidly with over 114 million Americans now using cell phones. A whopping 65,000 cell phones are sold each day in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, there are estimated to be almost 1 billion users of cell phones.

I've dedicated many pages on this website to the risks of using cell phones, but with media headlines jumping back and forth between calling them safe then calling them dangerous, the facts have become clouded.

It's not surprising then that around the world, growing numbers of citizens, scientists and public officials are beginning to ask: Just what are the human health and environmental effects of the "wireless revolution"?

It's a complex issue to sort out, but the phenomenal film, PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy & the "Wireless Revolution," – which comes with my absolute highest recommendation to you – will help you understand everything you need to know.

This is one film I urge you to see if you are concerned about your health – and then to pass on to those you care about. Public Exposure exposes the science, economics, politics and potentially irreversible health effects of the so-called "wireless revolution."

The filmmakers reveal what the communications industry won't – how exposure to radiation from wireless communications technology poses a major health threat to you and your loved ones.

This independently produced documentary focuses on the growing scientific evidence and social movement that point to two central threats from the wireless eruption: the serious potential public health hazards of radio frequency radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones and the antennas which broadcast the microwave signals, and the massive threat to democracy when millions of citizens are forcibly exposed to radio frequency radiation without their consent and against their expressed will.

Public Exposure breaks the issue down into simple truths for everyone to understand. The filmmakers take you to the front lines of the controversy, allowing you an exclusive opportunity to:

  • See footage of experts discussing the known biological threats posed by wireless radiation.
  • Sit in on public hearings (including pleas by Senator Tom Hayden of California) discussing the need for a rational policy on cell tower siting.
  • Observe researchers from over a dozen countries and activists from Europe and Japan assemble at an international conference to work collectively to protect global democratic rights, public health and the planetary environment.
  • Gain valuable ammunition to help you discuss this important issue intelligently with neighbors, town boards, school boards, and attorneys.
  • Learn from dramatic portraits of grassroots community activists in California, Colorado, and Washington who work to initiate responsible public policy, and to protect your democratic rights.

Designed not only to inform, but also to empower, Public Exposure tells the story of how citizens everywhere oppose cell towers while local government stands with their hands tied, unable to represent the people who elected them – victims of brain tumors that speculate about whether it was their use of a cell phone that caused their tumor.

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

While you enjoy the convenience of connectivity, have you ever asked yourself if it's worth sacrificing your health?

As the world grapples with the complex health and safety issues accompanying the introduction of wireless technology into our everyday lives, PUBLIC EXPOSURE dares to confront this ominous question.

First, to grasp the truly staggering implications of this burgeoning wireless industry "build-out", the filmmakers begin with fundamental explanations of what the "cell" in cell phone means and how it relates to human physiology.

Each cell within your body is like an antenna: an exquisitely sensitive receiver and transmitter of electro-magnetic radiation. Each cell phone tower emits its signal in "lobes" – a circular "flower petal" pattern with a limited radius spreading 360° around the tower.

This circle of radiation around the tower is called a "cell." If you're in a cell, your phone gets good reception. If you're not, it doesn't.

The antennas which broadcast the microwave signals to service your cell phone are mounted everywhere. Now add to that the more than 2000 communications satellites ceaselessly raining down a shower of radiation on all of our heads.

Thus, you are continually exposed – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to potentially dangerous low levels of microwaves from multiple sources. Now, you can begin to get a sobering picture of the massive and escalating amount of electromagnetic pollution that is deluging you, your children and the entire biosphere.

The Real Health Effects of RFR Exposed

PUBLIC EXPOSURE relies on the growing numbers of independent scientific studies and history to show you just how concerning the bio-effects of low-level RFR exposure are becoming. Effects from RFR exposure, like that emitted by cell phones and cell phone towers include:

  • Attention span deficit and memory loss
  • Infertility
  • Childhood & adult leukemia and eye cancer
  • Weakened blood-brain barrier
  • Immune system effects
  • Sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, depression,
  • Abnormal cell growth promotion and DNA damage

Because of the serious health consequences from radiation, along with other known effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), I used to discourage cell phone use entirely.

However, since many people are abandoning their land phone lines in favor of a cell phone, many of you probably rely on your cell phone as an essential part of your life. So, asking you to stop using it is not a feasible solution. However, there are some things you can do to effectively limit your radiation exposure.

For starters, I can't urge you enough to either use your cell phone on speakerphone or get a SAFE headset .

And, if you or your children use a cell phone – you can easily reduce exposure to radiation to virtually nothing with a simple and inexpensive tiny ferrite bead that clips onto your hands-free mobile phone headset. You can get these amazing beads now, right here at Mercola.com.

History Proves the Dangers of RFR

The filmmakers' convincingly further their argument with a brief history lesson that seems more like science fiction than reality – chronicling how in 1953 to 1976 the Russians irradiated the U.S. embassy in Moscow with a steady 24-hour-a-day bombardment of radio frequency radiation.

The embassy staff members experienced what the Russians had identified as "Radio Frequency Sickness Syndrome." Staff members suffered the loss of ability to think, to concentrate and to sleep.

The American ambassador came down with leukemia and had to be replaced. Staff blood samples sent back home for analysis showed DNA damage and a loss of ability to repair it. Staff dysfunctions continued. Then the second ambassador came down with leukemia and also had to be replaced. The filmmakers make you keenly aware that the Russians knew what they were doing. They had proven that RFR could be used as a weapon against either a specific target group or against the general population.

Renown Scientists and Respected Pubic Officials Weigh In

Despite ongoing, mostly successful efforts by industry, government and military to confuse, distort, and suppress emerging research data – PUBLIC EXPOSURE unfolds this international crisis through the individual, local stories of brave scientists, activists and concerned public decision-makers. The DVD features enlightening interviews with:

  • Senator Tom Hayden, California State Legislature – He fought to pass a bill to protect cell phone users. It was heavily opposed by the telecommunications industry, but was just barely passed by the Legislature, anyway.
  • Cindy Sage, Environmental Policy Consultant, California – An authority on EMR dangers and protections against them shows how cell phones affect kids and why the 'precautionary principle' must be used in deploying this technology.
  • Dr. Jerry Phillips: Research Biochemist, Colorado - His research showed negative human health effects from cell phones. The industry tried to suppress it. He fought back.
  • Dr. John Goldsmith, Israel – An internationally recognized EMR researcher tells how the Russians discovered 'radiation sickness' and used it as a weapon against U.S. diplomats. The U.S. government hushed it up.
  • Dr. Henry Lai: Research Professor, Bioengineering Dept., University of Washington, Seattle, WA - His research shows EMR caused irreparable DNA breaks, and that long-term exposure to low radiation is as bad as short-term exposure to high radiation. The industry tried to suppress his findings, too.
  • Dr. Neal Cherry, Biophysicist, New Zealand – The late 'Paul Revere' of EMR dangers traveled the world blowing the whistle on telecommunications industry cover-ups of adverse human health effects from cell phone radiation.
  • Dr. Olle Johansson: Neuroscientist, Sweden's Karolinska Institute – A celebrated researcher who says, "All the evidence points, like trees in the wind, to severe human health dangers from proliferating cell phone technology."
  • Per Sagabeck: Senior Electronics Engineer at Cell Phone Company, Erikkson – Exposure has made him so 'electro-sensitive' he must wear a wire-mesh suit to go to work. The population of 'electro-sensitive' people in Sweden has skyrocketed since the proliferation of cell phone and towers.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE also includes poignant commentary from actor Linda Evans, who has vigorously campaigned for citizens' democratic rights over RFR. And, you'll hear first hand dramatic accounts from those suffering directly from the damaging health effects RFR.

The Award-Winning Filmmaking Team

This timely and provocative 58-minute film was produced by award-winning human rights and environmental issue filmmakers James Heddle and Mary Beth Brangan, and co-produced by Libby Kelley, national organizer and Director of Council on Wireless Technology Impacts, CWTI.

Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle are the award-winning producers of 15 social/environmental issue documentaries which have been broadcast and toured nationally and internationally, aired in Congress, the United Nations, PBS, CNN, ABC, cable and used in Parliaments, universities and libraries worldwide. They are cofounders of the Nuclear Democracy Network, the Bay Area Nuclear (BAN) Waste Coalition, the Council for Alternative Security in the Asia Pacific and EON, and the Ecological Options Network.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE is your consumer guide to the truth about the dangers of radio frequency radiation. This dramatic video gives you a keen understanding of what's really at stake when a new cell phone tower goes up in your community – the health of you and your family. Buy Now.

A Call for Action: Educate, Exercise Demand and Elect

At the film's conclusion, there is a clear call for citizen action in the U.S. and around the world. There is no time to waste, NOW is the time to act. But PUBLIC EXPOSURE does more than magnificently sound the alarm on the urgency of this issue – it provides you with a primary plan of action from those making a difference right now.

Here are just some of the ways you will learn to effectively influence change in your own community:

  • Educate yourself, your neighbors and your officials.
  • Exercise your "right to know" your local radio frequency exposure levels.
  • Demand independent, ethical science.
  • Elect officials who protect citizen's right
  • Demand public health over industry profits

In other nations, citizens are already making an impact. Swiss and Austrian governments and many Eastern European countries have set more protective exposure standards for human exposure to radio frequency radiation. The Scottish Parliament has ruled against siting towers nearby homes, schools and hospitals. And, the UK just released a scientific report calling for more precaution, especially limiting of cell phone use by children.

Until citizens learn the truth and take action, the siting of towers and antennas will continue unabated. The level of "electrosmog" or, ambient background radiation, will increase in our communities and workplaces. It's time to learn more about this important societal issue and become more empowered by what you know.

Order PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the "Wireless Revolution" Today!

This extraordinary documentary is your definitive guide to understanding the full impact of today's wireless society. And, it's available now for just $24.95!

After viewing PUBLIC EXPOSURE, you will be armed with the knowledge to protect your family from the potentially permanent health effects of radio frequency radiation. Plus, you'll have an invaluable resource to educate your community too! The truth cannot wait, order PUBLIC EXPOSURE now!

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