"Now For the First Time -- You Can Take Advantage of One of Japan's Best Kept Secrets in a Honey of a Deal"

You've likely read about the amazing benefits of green tea on my site for many years. And recently, you may have become aware of my incredible green tea discovery, Royal Matcha Green Tea.

Now, I'm sure many people completely enjoy the taste of Matcha as-is. They prefer it either hot or cold and straight without any sweetener.

But it dawned on me recently that some people may want their tea somewhat sweeter.

And this is where I immediately became concerned.

With all the health-promoting benefits of Royal Matcha Green Tea, adding processed sugars or artificial sweeteners to your tea totally works against supporting your health.

So what to do?

As we constantly do here at Mercola.com, we quickly came up with a solution that will satisfy those of you desiring a sweeter tea... without sabotaging all the great benefits of the Matcha green tea.

I've now arranged for you to be able to take advantage of both the Matcha green tea and a remarkable sweetener... Pure Gold Raw Honey.

If you're already up-to-speed on the incredible health-promoting benefits of both Royal Matcha Green Tea and Pure Gold Raw Honey, then order your combo-pack without delay...

However, I realize that many of you might want to know more about both of these great products.

So first of all, here's...

Why I Consider Green Tea Nutritionally Superior

Next to pure water, drinking green tea from 100% quality tea leaves becomes one of the most nutritious beverages you can consume. To understand what makes green tea so special, you'll need a general understanding about the origin and processing of tea.

Green tea

Tea originates from the leaves of Camellia sinensis -- a white-flowered evergreen. About 500 species of tea exist, divided into about 50 different countries, with China leading all nations in abundance... but the highest quality teas come from Japan.

The different ways teas go through processing sets them apart from one another.

After the plucking of tea leaves occurs, they begin to oxidize and ferment which imparts a distinctive color and taste. Green, black and oolong tea refer to the method used to process those plucked leaves.

For green tea, leaves are steamed, roasted, or pan-fried almost immediately, leaving little chance for them to ferment. As a result, most green teas tend to be lighter in color.

The most nutrient-rich green tea, Matcha green tea, comes in a stone-ground powder form --completely unfermented.

The best Matcha green tea comes from Japan and is steamed, not roasted or pan-fried. As a result, Matcha green tea retains all the nutrient-rich value possible from the tea leaf and does not have a bitter taste.

Made from the finest, youngest leaves of the first harvesting days in Japan, this tea secures a special place in the sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony called Chado.

So what about honey as a sweetener for your Matcha green tea?

Here's why I've come to believe that...

Raw Honey is a Form of Nature's Own Genius at Work

Imagine for a moment, a natural food product up to 50% sweeter than sugar that can actually provide you with healthful benefits.

You receive all the nutrient value from the entire tea leaf with Royal Matcha Green Tea! Add some Pure Gold Raw Honey to your tea and you'll sweeten the deal!

Could this be the healthful sweetener we've been looking for to complement your Matcha green tea?

Sound almost too good to be true?

I thought so too.  Until I discovered this natural elixir has many health-promoting factors. 

This sweet sticky substance I'm talking about is honey.  But not just any old honey.

It's not that jar of processed, refined honey sitting in your pantry. That jar is just as bad as sugar and those other toxic artificial sweeteners that I keep telling you to throw out.

This perfect natural food I'm talking about is raw unprocessed honey, humankind's oldest sweetener.

I've been sifting through the growing body of literature on the rejuvenating and supportive benefits of honey.  And finally, I found a high-quality product I can wholeheartedly recommend to you.

It's called Pure Gold Raw Honey. I consider this sweet-smelling substance to be a form of nature's own genius at work.

As I searched everywhere for the best Matcha to offer to you, I quickly discovered that all Matcha green teas are not created equal.

Let's take a look at why I'm only recommending one... Royal Matcha Green Tea.

Why Other Matcha Green Teas Don't Stack Up

There are many Matcha tea options out in the marketplace today for you to choose from. However, you need to realize that, just like all green teas are not created equal -- the same holds true for Matcha.

Fortunately, if you are a fan of tea, a solution does exist. Whether you occasionally drink tea or avidly consume it, I have exciting news for you. I've discovered an exclusive Matcha green tea I can recommend 100% -- it's called Royal Matcha Green Tea!

This special tea comes straight from the pristine tea plantations of Nishio, Japan. Nishio teas have been laboratory tested to make sure they don't contain radiation or the toxic levels of heavy metals found in teas grown near industrial development.

So, how do you know that the Matcha I discovered is the best possible in providing you the highest levels of nutrients and a great taste?

Take a look at the analysis below, where Royal Matcha Green Tea shows its true brilliant jade green colors... while other brands fall well short.

If you run across other brands of Matcha in the marketplace, I seriously doubt they'll stack up against my recommendation for the best premium Matcha.

Matcha quality parameter Royal Matcha Other Brands
Shade grown to maximize chlorophyll energy boost?  Yes -- with 3 layers of shading  Not all Matcha is shade-grown with 3 layers of shading to maximize chlorophyll
Hand harvested to capture the youngest leaves of the tea plant  Yes -- this costly process ensures only the top 2 leaves and buds are harvested for consistent quality  Many brands are machine harvested, losing the quality advantages of selective harvesting
Harvested using skilled farmers, and without unethical labor abuse?  Yes -- skilled workers paid "1st world" wages to ensure quality and consistency of harvest  Many teas are harvested in areas like China and India with unskilled, poorly-paid workers -- the end result is poor harvesting selection
100% Japanese harvested?  Yes -- harvested in Nishio, Japan, the premiere Matcha region in the world  Some Matchas are made from blends of teas outside Japan, where poor soil conditions impact the quality
Entire tea leaf used with stems and veins removed?  Yes -- since stems and veins do not add any nutritional value, they are meticulously removed  Not all Matcha brands remove stems and veins, leaving the tea less nutritious and more bitter in taste
Granite grinding used to produce powder?  Yes -- ground in controlled environment without nutrient loss  Many Matcha brands use air pulverization methods to achieve powder, but friction causes loss of nutrients
Laboratory tested to verify consistent product quality and nutrient content?  Yes -- product is put through extensive lab testing to verify consistency factors -- from color to particle size to analysis of amino acid and catechin content  Without performing lab testing on their products, many Matcha brands simply won't be able to provide a high-quality product
Professional packaging in a quality facility?  Yes -- produced in ISO 9001 certified "clean room" facilities and received a "superior" rating from AIB  Not all Matcha brands follow international manufacturing and packaging standards for quality and consistency
Uses refrigerated warehouses to ensure optimal freshness and quality?  Yes -- facilities from Japan to our international distribution facilities are all refrigerated  Many Matcha manufacturers do not use refrigeration throughout their supply chains, leading to freshness and quality compromises
Organic certification?  Yes -- 1st Matcha in the world to receive international organic certifications -- IMO Switzerland (EU organic, USDA organic) and JONA (Japanese organic)  Many Matcha products claim to be organic but have not been certified as such
Kosher certification?  Yes -- circle K certified  Without this, other brands have left out a large population

Why should you settle for anything less but the best premium Matcha green tea available? That's why I'm only recommending and offering you the "best of the best" Matcha green teas: Royal Matcha Green Tea.

Just like all Matcha green teas can vary significantly in their health-promoting capabilities... the same holds true with honey.

In parallel to the over-processing issues I found with inferior brands of Matcha green tea -- I uncovered significant processing issues with honey as well.

Healthful Honey Comes Straight From the Hive

Many people think that just because honey is "natural", any kind of honey is healthful and fine to use.

This is simply not true.

Unfortunately, most of the honey eaten today has been heavily processed.

Like most foods that have been chemically refined, many of the healthful benefits have been reduced or eliminated.

Commercial honey is often treated with an excessive heating process that can destroy some of the critical natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Processing of honey also filters out many vital phytonutrients found in raw honey, products that exist in nature in the hive.


These products of the hive (which are not found in refined or processed honey) include health-promoting factors like:

  • Protein- and enzyme-rich pollen, collected by bees in tiny carrying baskets on their back legs as they buzz from plant to plant.
  • Propolis or "bee glue", a sticky substance full of enzymes, formed when bees combine their own proteins with plant resins. (Bees use propolis to fix cracks in the hive.)

Both pollen and propolis contain super-abundant antioxidant compounds, which contribute to health-supportive properties.

Raw, unprocessed honey contains little flecks of these nutrient-rich products, making it far superior to the clear filtered honey most of us are familiar with.

How can you tell if honey has been heated?

It's simple...

While some people prefer their honey sparkling and clear, the only way to achieve this is to heat the honey by processing.

Pure Gold Raw Honey comes from the finest Michigan beehives that are kept in fields free from pesticides and herbicides. Honeybees are free to collect nectar from wild flowers.

The honey is then bottled and packaged, without being heated, immediately after extraction to give you the finest quality and to seal in the sweetest flavor.

The unique qualities of nature's perfect ingredient found in Pure Gold Raw Honey will add texture, flavor, and an enjoyable taste to your food.

When searching for the best Matcha to offer you on my site, I discovered a certain mystique about why the Japanese consider Matcha more than just tea.

Ever Wonder Why the Japanese Enjoy Such a Long Life Expectancy?

Interestingly enough, after water, green tea happens to be the most widely consumed beverage on earth.

For centuries, Matcha green tea has been kept a guarded secret.

Why? The Japanese desired to keep their tea ceremony very exclusive and closed to the outside world.

Japanese uses Pure Gold Raw Honey

Plus, the people of Japan wanted to keep this scarce form of green tea with its numerous health-promoting benefits strictly to themselves.

As of 2006, Japan enjoys the fourth highest life expectancy rate in the world at 81.2 years.

The U.S., China, and most European countries (other than Switzerland and Italy) are not even in the top 10. 

With Matcha being part of the ritualistic Japanese monk ceremonies, it's no wonder why these monks are able to concentrate intensely for their 12-hour meditation sessions! 

Japanese people typically do not drink coffee. They do, however, consume green tea throughout the day.

With the powerful health-supporting benefits of green tea, and even more so with Matcha, I believe that 127 million Japanese have the right idea.

Wouldn't you agree?

One of the amazing things I discovered about both Royal Matcha Green Tea and Pure Gold Raw Honey is that they both come loaded with antioxidants.

Potent Antioxidants in Honey and Tea Can Help Destroy
Those Pesky Free Radicals

Although you can find shelf after shelf of antioxidant products in your neighborhood health food store, I recommend that you obtain antioxidants naturally through the foods you eat.

Good news! Both pure raw honey and Matcha green tea contain powerful antioxidants.

Honey contains many antioxidants found in green leafy vegetables like spinach. (Just don't think you can get away with substituting honey for vegetables in your diet.)

I have devoted a lot of attention to the benefits of antioxidants on my site. As you know, antioxidants are an important way to counter destructive changes in overall health by removing the power of damaging free radicals.

Pure Gold Raw Honey contains a number of theseeffective, free radical bustingantioxidants:

  • Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that boost a strong healthy balance and increase energy.
  • One antioxidant flavonoid, pinocembrin, may be unique to honey, providing even more optimum health benefits.
  • Another antioxidant flavonoid, pinostrobin, helps to support enzyme activity in the body.
  • Antioxidant-rich organic acids provide honey with a slightly acidic pH that reinforces more healthful wellbeing.
  • Amino acids found in honey are nature's building blocks of protein.

When you drink Royal Matcha Green Tea, you're not just consuming green tea leaf-infused water -- you're actually consuming the entire nutrient-rich green tea leaf.

With Royal Matcha Green Tea, you can rest assured that it provides you with:1

  • A completely natural green tea using the entire nutrient-rich leaf...
  • Up to 17 times the antioxidants of wild blueberries, and even 7 times higher than dark chocolate...
  • Up to 9 times the beta carotene found in spinach...
  • Nutrient-rich bright green chlorophyll to provide you with vibrant energy from the sun...
  • An incredibly delicious and satisfying flavor you'll thoroughly enjoy...

Whether you're drinking Matcha green tea for its exquisite taste, health-supporting benefits, or both -- adding a touch of pure raw honey not only sweetens the taste, it provides an added boost of radical busting antioxidants.

Here's even more on the powerful antioxidants found in Matcha green tea. 

Polyphenols: Your Key to Better Health

Royal Matcha Green Tea
You receive all the nutrient value from
the entire tea leaf with Royal Matcha Green Tea! Add some Pure Gold Raw Honey to your tea and you'll sweeten the deal!

Fresh tea leaf comes unusually rich in powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which may constitute up to 30% of the dry leaf weight. So, when you drink a cup of tea, you're basically drinking a solution of tea polyphenols. In fresh, unfermented tea leaves, polyphenols exist as a series of chemicals called catechins.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) happens to be the most powerful catechin found in tea.2, 3  In fact, one study indicates that EGCG is 25-100 times more potent than antioxidant vitamins C and E.4

This study also reported that just one cup of green tea has antioxidant effects greater than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries.

With Royal Matcha Green Tea, you could receive over 100 times the EGCG provided from regular brewed green tea!  

With such extremely high antioxidant activity, it's logical to conclude that Matcha green tea may be highly beneficial in protecting your body from health concerns posed by free radicals.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules and fragments of molecules that may impact your body at the cellular level.  

That's why antioxidants provide support for your hardworking immune and cardiovascular systems. Widely acclaimed for overall health-promotion, catechins (EGCG) have been studied for the last few decades for their potential ability to:

  • Support your immune system
  • Fight the signs of normal aging
  • Support your healthy digestion
  • Promote healthy function of your brain and liver
  • Help promote your healthy gums

And here are more powerful pure raw honey benefits to give you and your Matcha green tea even more of a boost...

Pure Raw Gold Honey -- Your Smart Alternative to
Processed and Artificial Sugars

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are now widely reported to cause numerous health concerns.

I have devoted numerous links on my site to the potential dangers of these chemical sweeteners (and even written a book about them -- Sweet Deception).

So, if you're going to use some type of sweetener whether with your tea or otherwise, I'd suggest a bit of pure raw honey.

Pure Gold Raw Honey is an absolute treasure chest of nature's gifts as it...

  • Helps to boost your energy and endurance naturally
  • Delivers a rich, fulfilling taste with health-promoting benefits
  • Promotes the growth of "good" bacteria in your intestinal tract
  • Becomes easily absorbed into the body to support good overall health

Soothes your skin, utilizing natural antioxidants to help assist in blocking free radicals

  • Helps with occasional sleeplessness
  • Promotes a healthy heart by helping reduce homocysteine levels
  • Delivers on complete convenience -- no refrigeration needed so use anywhere, anytime

So, enjoy a cup of your favorite hot or cold Matcha green tea with an added teaspoon of pure raw honey -- and feel good about the sweet combination.

Please Act Now As Supplies May Be Limited

Due to the fact that Matcha green tea continues to be in such high demand in Japan, it's even more difficult to obtain this highest-quality green tea outside the country. Keep in mind, this exclusive high-grade, shade-grown tea happens to be harvested only once a year, in the spring.

Now, I'll be the first to acknowledge that Royal Matcha Green Tea costs a bit more than your run-of-the-mill teas.

But, with all its health-promoting advantages over regular green teas and other Matchas, I feel it's worth every penny to you.

Think of all you spend today on other beverages (many probably unhealthy)... Instead, you could be enjoying delicious Royal Matcha Green Tea with all its health-promoting benefits.

If you mix ¼ teaspoon of this exclusive Matcha in a bottle of ice cold water, your cost per serving is about $1.30.

Not a big price to pay to enjoy this remarkable beverage loaded with antioxidants. When was the last time you went to a restaurant or coffee bar and paid $1.30 for a cup of iced coffee or iced tea?

And now, we've sweetened your deal even more to include Pure Gold Raw Honey in a combination pack. By ordering the combo-pack, you'll get a honey of a deal and save even more.

So, please act now so you and your family can immediately take full advantage of the "best of the best" nutrient-rich Matcha green teas from Japan, Royal Matcha Green Tea, together with the incredible Pure Gold Raw Honey.

We're only planning to offer this sweet combination for a limited time, so please don't delay, call and place your order today!

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Royal Matcha Green Tea
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Incredible Deal!
Royal Matcha Green Tea
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raw honey is the safest sugar to use, but you should not use it in excessive amounts. If you have elevated insulin/leptin levels, you will need to minimize your use of any sugars -- including raw honey. Honey should not be given to infants under one year old.

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