"Are You Rubbing up Against Chemicals & Poison With Every Asana?"

The Dangers of PVC Yoga Mats Exposed

If you're looking for great way to get healthy that is also really fun, then yoga is a great thing you can add to your weekly exercise regimen.

Yoga can help you to:

  • Dramatically tone your arms, legs and midsection
  • Improve your balance and posture
  • Lose pounds and inches
  • Build your core

...all without the need to go to the gym or buy expensive exercise equipment.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old secret that can help change your life for the better - And it might help you do it faster, easier and more naturally than any fad diet or trendy extreme exercise program But there's a hidden danger in yoga that almost nobody is talking about (more about this ugly problem and what you can do about it in a moment).

One of the best things about yoga is that you can feel it working. Especially if you're looking for a way to eliminate those nagging aches and pains that pop up out of nowhere and then never seem to go away.

(And, yes, I know some of those asanas don't always feel so great when you're deep into the pose and holding it for what seems like an eternity, but the benefits are undeniable.)

Yoga is a fantastic

Yoga is a fantastic way to help you:

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Increase your overall flexibility
  • Improve your cardiovascular and aerobic capacity
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve balance
  • Enjoy less joint and muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Experience more rapid rest and recovery intervals
  • Feel an improved sense of health and wellbeing

As you know, I'm a strong advocate for daily exercise. In addition to your diet, exercising every day is one of the most important things you can do to create optimal health.

I recommend an exercise routine that includes interval, strength training, core work and stretching. I've always believed yoga is a great part of any daily exercise program.

It's a low-impact and nurturing way to accelerate your efforts to get in great shape while at the same time help you decrease or eliminate occasional aches, pains and stiffness that might keep you from the enjoying life to the fullest.

So, with all that natural goodness, would it surprise you to learn that...

Your Yoga Mat Could Be Hiding a Secret From You...

If you're one of the 16 million people today getting healthy with yoga, you likely have (or will soon) a yoga mat.

Because it provides traction and cushion, it's one of the basic necessities of the yoga practitioner.

If you've ever done yoga without a mat, you know firsthand that the experience is less-than-pleasant ... and that's putting it nicely.

There's nothing good about slipping and sliding out of control or feeling that hard floor underneath you. And, if you are doing any of the more aerobic types of yoga, that extra cushion between you and the floor can be a lifesaver on your feet and joints.  

In other words, a yoga mat is essential if you want to enjoy your session.

With yoga growing in popularity, you can find inexpensive yoga mats just about anywhere in America. On the one hand, that's great news. It means more people can easily take advantage of the benefits of yoga.

However, on the other hand, the news isn't nearly so nice. That's because the majority of yoga mats on the market today are made of polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC.

Why PVC? For starters, PVC has everything needed for a yoga mat. It's got great gripping properties, it's extremely durable, and it's lightweight.

In addition, PVC is also very cheap to produce. And, that's the main reason it's so prevalent in today's yoga mats.

PVC mats sound pretty great, don't they?

At first glance, they seem to make for the perfect mat, especially since they mean people everywhere can find them at an affordable price.

But, there's nothing natural about...

The Toxic Truth of PVC that's Putting You & Your Environment at Risk

PVC danger

If you've bought a yoga mat, you probably noticed that "new car smell" when you opened it, right?

Some people love that scent. Do you?

You won't after you find out that what you smell is the result of plastic that's been softened with phthalates, stabilized with lead and cadmium, and combined to make PVC.

You see, PVC is an environmental toxin.

It presents significant hazards at every point of its cycle - from manufacturing, through its life, and disposal.

In other words, PVC is potentially harmful long before you use it, as well as long after you've finished using it, and - of course - the whole time you're using it.

Some facts you need to know about PVC:

  • PVC does not biodegrade.
  • Because of the toxins embedded within it, PVC can't be effectively or safely recycled
  • Known carcinogens are byproducts of the manufacturing process of PVC.
  • When incinerated or placed in landfills, PVC continues to release harmful toxins - many that can contaminate groundwater.

Sound bad? It gets worse...

PVC Can Cause Extreme Health Problems

As you've seen, during the production of PVC, a number of chemicals are created - both as ingredients and as byproducts of the manufacturing process.

Shockingly, a report in 2000 showed that dioxin in breast milk is on the rise - with infants receiving dioxin exposure in orders of magnitude much larger than adults.

All of this coming from an industry that creates building materials, supplies ... and yoga mats.

Yoga that Hurts More than It Helps?

As you can imagine, workers who help produce PVC are at great risk. There's no way to avoid the fact that being exposed to such harmful toxins every day is going to have a severe impact.

But, did you know that whole communities are being impacted by the PVC industry? Over 14 billion pounds of PVC is created every year in the U.S. alone.

Thankfully, when it comes to choosing a yoga mat, you do have options...

There Just Had to Be an Alternative to PVC...

When I learned that most yoga mats were made with PVC and how toxic it was during every stage of its lifecycle, I knew there had to be something better.

My team and I immediately began searching for yoga mats that did not contain PVC.

They were NOT easy to find. And, when we did locate a few companies that made them, we were under-impressed.

We found that many so-called green mats simply lacked the properties you must have in a yoga mat:

  • Without that “stickiness,” they weren't any better than doing yoga on a slippery waxed hardwood floor...
  • Without that cushion, they made yoga feel like a full-contact sport...
  • Without that durability, they invited you to throw away your money every couple of months...

Earth Friendly Yoga Mat
The Environmentally-Friendly Yoga Mat

Earth friendly yoga mat is a revolutionary alternative to the dangers of PVC.

The Environmentally-Friendly Yoga Mat
  • Made from PER (Polymer Environmental Resin)
  • Nonslip, waterproof and sun protective
  • Does not contain harmful phthalates or toxic chemicals
  • Cadmium-free, lead-free, and contains no heavy metals
  • Gives back to nature (more about this in a moment)
  • 24" x 69" x 4mm. Available in indigo

PER is an innovative material that is much safer for the environment and your health than yoga mats made from standard PVC.

That's because PER:

  • Does not use phthalates to create flexibility.
  • Emits little to no harmful gasses when manufactured or burned.
  • Contains no slow-emission of toxins or carcinogens.
  • Can be productively recycled without degradation.

By removing your risk of exposure and reducing exposure to PVC, the Earth Friendly Yoga Mat is a yoga mat you can feel great about - inside and out.

But, Earth Friendly Yoga Mat is so much more than environmentally-friendly...

Earth Friendly Yoga Mat Is Also You-Friendly

Yes, Earth Friendly Yoga Mat will help make your yoga practice clean and green, but it does so much more.

Remember, when I was testing yoga mats, I found a small handful that were “green,” but they did not perform well at all.

What good is an environmentally-friendly yoga mat that doesn't actually work?

If you can't really use it every day, then it's not worth it, right?

With Earth Friendly Yoga Mat, you get a green mat that also works perfectly.

Designed to give you excellent traction and cushion, while still being extremely lightweight (another perk of PER), Earth Friendly Yoga Mat is the best yoga mat I've ever used.

  • At two feet wide and nearly six feet long (24" x 69"), the mat is ideal for all body shapes and sizes...
  • Plus, at 4mm thick, you'll feel the optimal cushion while still enjoying the grounding support that any great yoga mat should offer...
  • The durability and longevity you will get out of your mat should impress even the most hardcore yoga enthusiasts...
  • And, although I'm not usually too concerned about this: I love the color combinations of this mat. They just feel good. When you unroll yours before every session, I know you'll feel the same way...

But, the good news doesn't stop there.

Carry Your New Mat in Style with Our Natural Yoga Mat Bag

You can't treat yourself to a new, environmentally-friendly yoga mat without getting a green bag to carry it, right?

That's why I'm proud to offer you Earth Friendly Yoga Mat.

I know you want style AND sustainability. That's why Natural Yoga Mat Bag pairs the best in all-natural design with environmentally-friendly hemp.

As you probably know, hemp is an incredibly sustainable and durable material. It is a stronger, longer-wearing, pesticide-free alternative to cotton.

Plus, as compared to other fibers used in many yoga mat bags, hemp is extremely resistant to most insects and disease. As a result, the need for pesticides and herbicides is eliminated.

And, since hemp can be sustainably grown and harvested, it's a terrific alternative to the impact of deforestation caused by other crops.

With its extra-wide double zip opening and adjustable shoulder strap, Natural Yoga Mat Bag is super flexible and gives you tons of room to get your mat in and out of the bag.  

If you're like me, I know you will love the outside zip pocket. It's great for all those small things like keys, lip balm, and your wallet that you never know what to do with at the beginning of a session.

I'm sure you won't be surprised when you find that Natural Yoga Mat Bag is the perfect complement to your new Natural Yoga Mat Bag .

Make the Smart Choice for Great Health

Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

If you practice yoga (or are about to begin), choosing to equip yourself with a high quality alternative yoga mat and bag just makes sense.

It's the smart move for you and the planet.

What's the alternative?

  • Buying a mat you know is bad for you and the environment?
  • Settling for a “green” mat that may be inferior in quality, construction and materials?
  • Stopping your yoga practice altogether because it's just not worth the risk to your health?

Those aren't alternatives! Those are a guaranteed path to unhappiness... and all because you didn't take action today.

No matter what your motivation for doing yoga is do the right thing for yourself and grab Earth Friendly Yoga Mat and Natural Yoga Mat Bag.

You'll be so thankful you did.

Here's to wishing you the best in health and happiness.

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