L-Arginine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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L-Arginine Cardiovascular Support*


  1. Q: How many capsules are in one bottle?

    A: There are 120 capsules per bottle.

  3. Q: What is the shelf life?

    A: L-Arginine has a 2-year shelf life.

  5. Q: Where and how should I store this?

    A: Store in a cool, dry place.

  7. Q: What type of capsule is it?

    A: It is a vegetarian capsule.

  9. Q: Is it gluten-free?

    A: Yes.

  11. Q: Is it suitable for children?

    A: No.

  13. Q: What is the age recommendation?

    A: 18 years and older, unless otherwise directed by your health care provider.

  15. Q: Are any ingredients in the product organic?

    A: No.

  17. Q: Why should I take it?

    A: Your vascular endothelium creates the nitric oxide from L-arginine necessary to promote blood vessel relaxation and flexibility.* Without enough L-arginine, your endothelial cells may not create enough nitric oxide to promote optimal blood flow and cardiovascular health.* As your efficiency to produce nitric oxide slows down with normal aging, this will help your body support optimal blood flow.*

  19. Q: How exactly does it work?

    A: It is a sustained release nutrient that supports healthy cardiovascular function.* L-Arginine  promotes vascular relaxation, optimal blood flow, and overall cardiovascular support.*

  21. Q: Where is L-Arginine sourced from?

    A: L-Arginine is fermented from starch.

  23. Q: Can I open the capsules and just take the powder?

    A: No. It was designed to be swallowed whole.

  25. Q: Is it safe to consume while pregnant or nursing?

    A: Consult your health care provider before using this during pregnancy or while nursing.

  27. Q: Is it safe for diabetics?

    A: Yes. There are no known contraindications.

  29. Q: Are there any medical conditions or medications that should not be used in conjunction with this supplement?

    A: If you suffer from herpes you should not take this supplement when you are having a flare up as it can impair your body's ability to utilize lysine which helps combat herpes infections.

    Individuals on prescription anti-coagulant medication or anti-hypertensive drugs should consult a physician before taking L-Arginine and should be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner.

  31. Q: Is the container recyclable?

    A: Yes.

  33. Q: What type of plastic is the bottle made of?

    A: The bottle is made from number 2 plastic.

  35. Q: Does it meet Kosher and/or Halal certifications?

    A: It is not certified Kosher or Halal.

  37. Q: Is there any possibility of corn being present in the product? If so is it non-GMO?

    A: There is no corn present in L-Arginine.

  39. Q:  Does it contain or is it manufactured in a facility that processes any type of: soy, dairy/milk, casein, maple, or nuts?

    A: It does not contain soy, dairy/milk, casein, maple or nuts. However, it is processed in a facility which has soy and dairy ingredients, but the machines are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

  41. Q: I am lactose intolerant. Can I take this product?

    A: Yes.

  43. Q:  Is it free of animal by-products?

    A: Yes.

  45. Q:  Does it require refrigeration?

    A: No.

  47. Q:  Is it safe to take with blood thinners?

    A: Individuals on prescription anti-coagulant medication should use caution when taking any nutritional supplement that may affect circulation. L-arginine may have an additive anticoagulation effect. Thus, it is advised that individuals who are on these medications and wish to take L-arginine be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner.

  49. Q: Should this be taken with food or water?

    A: It can be taken with food and water, but not required.

  51. Q: Where is this manufactured?

    A: In the United States.

  53. Q: Is L-Arginine 100% vegetarian?

    A: Yes.

  55. Q: Do the lab techs that make the product wear latex gloves?

    A: No. All lab techs wear nitrile gloves during production.

  57. Q: Can someone with herpes take L-Arginine?

    A: If you suffer from herpes you should not take this supplement when you are having a flare up as it can impair your body's ability to utilize lysine which helps combat herpes infections.

  59. Q: Can someone use this while on an aspirin regimen?

    A: Yes.

  61. Q: Would this be suitable for someone with Factor V?

    A: There are no known contraindications between L-arginine supplementation and individuals with Factor V. However, you should consult your health care provider prior to supplementing with L-Arginine.

  63. Q: Why does L-Arginine contain Silicon Dioxide?

    A: Silicon Dioxide absorbs moisture in the product and is innocuous.

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