Insight & Focus CDs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q: Do I need any special equipment to listen to the Focus and Insight audio technology?
    A: The CDs must be listened to using stereo headphones in order for the technology to have an effect, but any stereo headphones with a frequency range of 20Hz--18,000Hz or better will work just fine. If you do not already own headphones, most inexpensive headphones (under $15/pair) can reproduce a range of 20Hz--20,000Hz or better, so you will not need to purchase expensive headphones in order for the audio technology to be effective. Inexpensive headphones capable of handling a broad range are available in large retail stores such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart and through many online retailers such as Amazon.com.
  2. Q: Can I play the CDs on my MP3 player instead of playing them in my stereo or portable CD player?
    A: You can listen to the CDs through a stereo, a portable CD player, or through your computer's CD-ROM drive, as long as you are listening through stereo headphones. We don't recommend converting the CD tracks to MP3 files because the potential degrading of audio quality can reduce the effectiveness of the audio technology embedded in the CDs by clipping the higher and lower ends of the frequency range during the MP3 conversion process. If the low-range frequencies are clipped during the conversion process, the effectiveness of the binaural audio could potentially be reduced.
  3. Q: How does the Focus and Insight audio technology work?
    A: The Focus and Insight audio technology uses harmonically layered frequencies to create binaural beats, inducing specific brainwave states and patterns when listened to via stereo headphones. These brainwave states are conducive to higher consciousness, profoundly deep meditation, enhanced clarity and concentration, and improved cognitive functioning. Please click here if you would like to learn more about the science behind the technology.
  4. Q: Can I listen to the CDs while I do other things?
    A: The Focus CDs may be listened to while working, studying, reading, exercising, or while involved in any other activity requiring enhanced concentration, clarity, attention, focus, or creativity.
  5. The Insight CD should not be listened to while you are performing other tasks or doing other things because the deeply meditative effect will be diminished. We recommend you listen to the Insight CD while sitting in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed. If you prefer, you may listen while sitting on the floor in a more traditional meditation posture, but doing so is not required. You may also combine your use of the Insight CD with other meditation and visualization practices, or with a yoga, Qigong, or Tai Chi practice. You should never listen to the CDs while driving or operating machinery.

  6. Q: Will I hear the binaural tones?
    A: The tones used to create the binaural beats are set at a level just below the sound of the rain. Many people do not hear the tones, but on occasion you might hear the slightest vibration or a very soft sound. You should not increase the volume on your CD player. Instead, keep the volume at a comfortable setting where the sound of the rain is soothing and not too loud. In most cases, a better effect is achieved by keeping the volume set at a soft and soothing level rather than by turning up the volume.
  7. Q: Why do you use the sound of rain on the CDs?
    A: The sounds of rain are used to mask the sound of the binaural tones and to provide the most pleasant listening experience possible. In addition, it has been proven that masking the binaural tones with a form of white noise such as rain enhances the effectiveness of the tones. Please see our Sound Sample page for more details. Our recordings use the sounds of natural rain recorded live in various locations. The sounds of rain are soothing and appeal to nearly every listener, while using a specific genre of music might cause the CDs to be appealing only to a small group of listeners who enjoy that particular style of music. On the Insight CD, the sounds of rain are also specifically arranged to enhance the listening experience by deepening the meditation even further. On the Focus CDs, the sounds of rain are arranged to heighten levels of focus and concentration without acting as a distraction for the listener.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Insight CD

  1. Q: How often should I listen to the Insight CD?
    A: You may listen to the Insight CD more often than the suggested 24-minute minimum session, but listening should be limited to no more than two-and-a-half hours per day. Listening for more than the maximum recommended time of two-and-a-half hours per day could potentially cause the listener to feel overwhelmed. The CD is composed of three separate tracks. Each track is 24 minutes long. You have the option of listening to only Track 1 (called Journey) each day, for a 24-minute listening experience, or listening to multiple tracks combined, for a longer listening experience. During each listening session, you should always listen to Track 1, Journey, first. The Journey track guides your mind into a deeply relaxed meditative state. Track 2, called Exploration, and Track 3, called Insight, both begin in a deeply meditative frequency range and therefore should only be listened to after you have listened to Track 1 completely. You should never listen to Track 2 or Track 3 alone, since the effect will be diminished.
  2. You may use Track 1 on its own, or mix and match tracks for a longer listening session. Possible track combinations would be:

    When using two tracks in a single listening session:
    Track 1+ Track 2 (best combination for evening)
    Track 1 + Track 3 (best combination for morning)

    When using three or more tracks in a single listening session:
    Track 1 + Track 2 + Track 3
    Track 1 + (Track 2 played up to 5 times consecutively)
    Track 1 + (Track 2 played up to 4 times consecutively) + Track 3

  3. Q: Can I listen to the Insight CD while I sleep?
    A: You may listen to the Insight CD while awake, for relaxation or incredibly deep meditation and exploration of consciousness, or listen while drifting off to sleep at night, for dream exploration or simply a more refreshing night's sleep. The long-term benefits of listening to the Insight CD will be more evident if the CD is used while you are awake and relaxing. If desired, you may listen to the CD while awake and relaxing at an earlier point during the day, then play the CD while drifting off to sleep as an added listening session, but we recommend that your primary listening session take place while awake and sitting or reclining comfortably.
  4. Q: What happens if I fall asleep while listening to the Insight CD?
    A: When you initially begin using the Insight CD, it is very likely you may fall asleep while listening, even if sitting upright in a comfortable chair or on the floor. This is a normal occurrence and is a result of the audio technology taking your mind and body into a profoundly deep state of relaxation. Over time, you will begin to reach a point where you are able to remain awake throughout the listening session if you choose. When listening while awake, the ultimate goal is to ease the physical body into a deeply relaxed state of near-sleep while the mind or consciousness remains awake.
  5. Q: Can I still continue my current or traditional meditation practices while using the Insight CD?
    A: The Insight CD may be used in conjunction with almost any other meditation or personal growth strategy you may already be using, including yoga, Qigong, Transcendental Meditation, and even techniques such as Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny meditation practice. The Insight CD blends well with almost every meditation or personal growth program or technique. In fact, our Tips & Techniques section provides information and suggestions for other techniques you can combine with your listening session to enhance the experience.
  6. Q: When is the best time of day to listen to the Insight CD?
    A: The best approach is to get yourself into the habit of listening daily. Select a time of day that is convenient for your personal schedule, then make a point of listening once per day for at least the minimum 24-minute session. You may listen to the Insight CD while awake, for relaxation and stress reduction, or for incredibly deep meditation and exploration of consciousness, or listen while drifting off to sleep at night, for dream exploration or deeply relaxing and refreshing sleep. Most listeners achieve the highest level of effectiveness when listening while awake.
  7. Q: I have trouble "clearing my mind". Will stray thoughts interfere with listening to the Insight CD?
    A: Stray thoughts won't interfere at all with your benefiting from the Insight CD. Often, the thoughts you experience while listening are the result of your mind trying to work through and resolve mental and emotional issues, similar to the process your mind goes through nightly while dreaming. Letting your mind wander while listening is sometimes the best approach to allow it to "find its way" to the solution it is searching for. At times, you may find your thoughts overflowing with creative ideas during your listening session. These are all completely normal and healthy occurrences. If you are interested in reading more information regarding how to focus your thoughts during your listening session, check out our Tips & Techniques section for some terrific ideas.
  8. Q: What should I do or think about while listening to the Insight CD?
    A: When you first begin using the Insight CD, the best answer to this question is to do nothing but sit back and relax. When listening while awake, the ultimate goal is to ease the body into a deeply relaxed meditative state while the mind or consciousness remains awake. Even when listening while awake, it is always best to sit comfortably in a dark or dimly lit room with your eyes closed throughout your listening session.
  9. Begin by focusing on your breathing, taking slow deep breaths while gently telling yourself to relax. This is often the best technique for easing yourself into your listening session. Aim for a relatively slow relaxing pace that is comfortable for you. Continue to focus on your breathing for at least two to three minutes.

    Once you feel relaxed, we recommend repeating a brief list of positive affirmations to yourself in your mind. The following affirmations have been used successfully by many of our participants:

    • I am filled with energy and vitality.
    • Success and prosperity flow to me.
    • I am overflowing with creativity and new ideas.
    • I open myself to higher consciousness.

  10. Q: How long before I begin to notice any effects from using the Insight CD?
    A: Often, the experience is a gradual one, with small changes becoming noticeable early and larger changes beginning to reveal themselves further along. Every individual is at a different stage in life and has different needs and goals, and therefore each individual is different and responds in their own way and at their own unique pace. Using other techniques to enhance your listening experience may also encourage results and benefits to manifest earlier. Please visit the Insight CD Techniques page of our web site for suggestions.
  11. Listening to more than just the minimum 24 minutes per day is recommended after the first 7-14 days of listening because it will decrease the timeframe in which effects begin to become noticeable to you, but we encourage listeners not to overdo it. Please be sure to keep your total daily listening time within the maximum recommended listening time of two-and-a-half hours per day.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Focus 2-Disc Set

  1. Q: When should I use the 22-minute track titled Envision on Disc 2?
    A: The Envision track is intended to be used whenever a creativity boost is needed. Envision may also be used for quick problem-solving and brainstorming sessions in order to trigger creative and innovative solutions. Envision uses binaural audio in the Alpha and Theta ranges.
  2. Q: How often can I listen to the Focus CDs?
    A: You may listen to the Focus CDs as often as you like, whenever you desire enhanced concentration, attention, clarity and focus. Listening to the Focus CDs for several hours during the day will not have any adverse side effects.
  3. Q: Are the Focus CDs effective in treateing adults or children with ADD or ADHD?
    A: The Focus 2-Disc Set may be used by adults or children with ADD or ADHD to improve levels of concentration and clarity, offering a drug-free alternative to enhance attention and cognitive functioning. In the past two decades, several research studies have proven the effectiveness of binaural audio in increasing attention, improving concentration and focusing skills, and treating ADD. In 1991, at the annual meeting of the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Harold Russell, PH.D., presented research showing that Beta frequencies improved the cognitive functioning fo children with ADD.
  4. In addition, the results of a 1997 study conducted by the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center indicated binaural audio is effective in increasing cognitive performance. The study reported that "binaural auditory stimulation" can affect both the task performance and changes in mood associated with the task." (Lane, Kasian, Owens, Marsh; 1998, Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance, Performance, and Mood; Physiology & Behavior, Vol. 63, No. 2)

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