For Premium Performance, Duncan Keith and Dr. Mercola Make for a Great Power Play!

Duncan Keith

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and hockey all-star Duncan Keith knows how to take control of his game every time he hits the ice.

He also knows how to be a world-class defenseman, a consistently dominating presence from puck drop to the final horn. Duncan Keith understands the importance of taking control of his health – on and off the ice. That’s why Duncan chooses Dr. Mercola’s Premium Products for all of his premium living needs. From Krill Oil to Pure Power Protein, to Melatonin Spray, these products help support Duncan’s health.*”

Cocoa Cassava
I eat Cocoa Cassava Bars and use Pure Power Protein Powder. They’ve been really good for me – especially after practices and games. I find that it’s helpful for recovery.*
Krill Oil

I like the fact that Krill Oil absorbs better than fish oil. I found that ever since I started using Krill Oil that it’s been working for me.
Ubiquinol Liquid Pump
I noticed one of my dogs was very slow moving, so I started giving her Ubiquinol for Pets. I started noticing a little more energy in her steps in the morning.


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