CANWI Awareness CANWI Awareness

Pets bless us with their companionship and unconditional love. That’s why Mercola Healthy Pets has partnered with CANWI (Companion Animal Nutrition & Wellness Institute) to fund a huge study. This study focuses on advanced glycation end products in pet foods.

Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute Awareness Week

CANWI is dedicated to improving the lives of our furry friends. It funds research projects, supports professional training programs and integrative medicine, and offers nutrition and wellness education forums.

I’m tremendously excited to announce that from May 21st to 28th, a portion of all sales at Mercola.com will be donated to the CANWI.

So, while you shop this week, know that each purchase will contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

“Working Together We Will Make a Difference in the Lives of Our Companion Animals… CANWI? Yes, We Can!”

To Donate Directly, CLICK HERE.


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