"Why Are We Losing the War on Cancer?"

Despite over $2.7 trillion spent on research and treatment, 14,800,000 Americans have died from cancer since 1971. In 2009 alone, 565,000 – or 1,548 people every day – lost their lives to the dreaded disease. And in the next 3 years, more individuals will die from cancer than ALL the U.S. soldier deaths from EVERY war since the American Revolution. What's going on?

We weren't supposed to lose. In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared the 'War on Cancer'. And with that declaration, the American Cancer Program officially launched.

With an initial appointment of $1.6 billion for the first 3 years alone, the program shouldn't have failed – but it has. And miserably at that.

Perhaps Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D., Founder of the Simone Protective Cancer Center sums up this dismal failure best:

"Little or no progress in the treatment of adult cancers has been made. A man or woman who gets prostate or breast cancer today will live as long as the person who developed these same cancers in 1920. Nothing we've done in a century has substantially reduced deaths."

Dr. Simone agrees that certain cancers have been helped – lymphomas, childhood leukemia, Hodgkin's, and the type of testicular cancer that afflicted Lance Armstrong.

But the more common cancers affecting average citizens – colon, breast, prostate, and lung – have not been aided by the War on Cancer's conventional treatments.

"In the War on Cancer, the Disease is Only Half the Battle"

When you are dealt a cancer diagnosis, isn't that a big enough challenge to deal with? I certainly think so.

Unfortunately, in the Western world, the disease is only half the battle. The second half is battling the cancer industry itself.

This hard-hitting documentary, Cut Poison Burn, takes a rare look at what happens when a cancer patient questions the "standard of care" and attempts to make personal choices promising the best results for the patient and not the cancer industry.

U.S.'s War on Cancer lead to almighty dollar
Sadly, according to the DVD, all paths in the U.S.'s 'War on Cancer' lead to the almighty dollar

Unless you've personally walked the path – or have accompanied a loved one – through this brutally convoluted, hostile maze, you probably have no clue as to the hidden and well-disguised demons awaiting the unsuspecting visitor.

And so in lies the value of this bold and daring documentary.

The opportunity to catch a glimpse of the path before you or a loved one join the 1-in-3 women or 1-in-2 men who will be forced to walk it during their lifetime.

And perhaps the opportunity to make a difference – today and not tomorrow.

In Cut Poison Burn, you'll glean an insider's view of America's so-called 'War on Cancer' and the cancer industry while meeting its various players:

  • The federal government who, despite claiming they will "leave no stone unturned" to fight the nasty enemy, instead spends its precious time and resources persecuting innocent innovators whom they consider "quacks"
  • The drug companies threatened by alternative cancer treatments that can't be patented or produce sufficient profits
  • The powerful "non-profit" organizations that clearly have their eye on the money instead of cancer victims' best interests

If you doubt that it's all about the money, consider this intriguing fact…

According to the documentary, ONE cancer patient, from diagnosis to death is typically worth a whopping $350,000 and in some cases, over a million dollars, to the lucrative cancer industry.

Can you imagine a more perfect setup for Big Business?

One Family's Nightmare on the Cancer Battlefield

While there are several personal tales woven throughout, the documentary's main story follows the heartbreaking tale of Thomas Navarro, a loving, bright 4-year-old who becomes stricken with a cancerous brain tumor called medulloblastoma.

His U.S. doctors demanded that he follow the 'standard of care' protocol consisting of – what else but – surgery, radiation and intense chemotherapy.

Here's the problem… The makers of the chemotherapy agent reveal the powerful drug has never been proven safe or effective for children.

And the potential side effects – some of which are listed below – are frightening and much too commonplace in the other children the Navarro's met undergoing similar treatment…

… IQ plummeting 5 points for 4 consecutive years, causing an average-intelligence child to become seriously mentally impaired

… Irreparable brain and organ damage

… Hearing loss

… Out-of-control growth of new tumors throughout the body

It was too much for them to accept. They weren't willing to trade temporary, marginal results for side effects likely to affect Thomas' quality of life.

His parents wondered… what difference would it make if he survived the cancer only to become deaf, mentally retarded, or riddled with additional cancers within a few short years?

Submitting to surgery but refusing radiation and chemo, the Navarro's set out to find an alternative treatment that promised greater hope.

And so began their arduous journey where they discovered firsthand the powerful and heartless forces at play… and learned the cruelest lesson of their lives.

Dr. Burzynski's Groundbreaking, Yet Forbidden Treatment

The Navarro's journey took them to the steps of the Burzynski Research Institute in Houston, Texas, founded by the renowned Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.

However, they didn't gain entry for eighteen months.

Why? Dr. Burzynski's revolutionary antineoplaston treatment is available only to those cancer patients who have exhausted conventional treatments and can no longer be helped by traditional radiation and chemotherapy.

The FDA views Dr. Burzynski's treatment, with a 40 to 60% success rate and without side effects for Thomas' type of cancer, a "last ditch" effort. For the Navarro's and others, the FDA holds the keys to the clinic and determines who can and cannot enter.

And since Thomas hadn't received the prescribed chemotherapy and radiation therapies, the FDA forbade his access to Dr. Burzynski's treatment.

To avoid federal prosecution for "child neglect" and the wrath of Child Protection Services threatening to take custody of Thomas' younger brother, the family fled to Mexico to search for other alternative care while continuing the legal battle to gain access to Dr. Burzynski.

The Birth of Chemotherapy – Milestone or Mistake?

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but
only to a large pharmaceutical company with unlimited finances."
- Dr. Richard J. Crout, Director, FDA Bureau of Drugs, 1982

According to the documentary, the premier weapon in the War on Cancer was discovered unexpectedly during World War II.

On December 2, 1943, during a devastating attack on the Allied Navy stationed in Italy, a U.S. vessel carrying a secret cargo of 2000 mustard gas bombs – the John Hardy – was destroyed.

Several hundred men survived the attack but were exposed to the poisonous gas. And what the doctors treating them found was shocking. The men's blood counts disappeared and they died from bone marrow failure. When autopsied, they couldn't even find their lymph nodes.

This startling discovery led to animal experiments in the 1960s to see if mustard gas might fight cancer in those organs. When results were seen in ONE isolated mouse, but not in any of the others in the study, the experiment was heralded as a success.

Chemotherapy was born.

In the years that followed, the use of chemotherapy agents in conjunction with radiation exploded. Combination chemotherapies emerged. A whole new chapter in the War on Cancer had begun.

The American Cancer Society: For the People… or for Corporate America?

"Who does the American Cancer Society represent? The answer with
all non-profits is defined by where their financial support comes from."
- Jonathan Emord, Constitutional Lawyer

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is one the world's wealthiest non-profit organizations with total assets of $2,317,471,000.

You may be wondering… if it's non-profit, where does it get its generous funding?

According to the documentary, the answer lies in a long history of partnerships with deep-pocketed corporations, including Big Tobacco.

Here's an example of one of their mutually-benefiting, "revolving door" relationships…

The first director of the ACS, Clarence Cook Little, resigned in 1954 to become the Scientific Director of the Tobacco Industry Research Council.

At the time, there were ACS board members working "hand-in-glove" with tobacco industry advertising firms, who were, in essence, running the American Cancer Society's advertising.

This tradition continues today.

And here's another interesting point to ponder… the ACS's by-laws state that if a cure for cancer was discovered today, the ACS must disband.

One must ask… What are the chances that such a powerful, financially successful corporate structure would willingly disband?

As for 4-year-old Thomas Navarro, the American Cancer Society did him no favor when he needed it the most.

They stepped into the middle of the battle and placed Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston treatments on the "Unproven Methods List" along with laetrile and other alternative treatments.

Known as the "Blacklist" to many in the medical establishment and not covered by any insurance company, the ACS, in essence, branded Dr. Burzynski a "quack", dousing the Navarro's best hope for treatment.

Familiar Faces, Hidden Therapies

U.S.'s Presidents Alternative Cancer Treatment
At least one U.S. president has received alternative cancer treatments while residing at the White House

It's no secret that President Ronald Reagan had colon cancer and underwent surgery in 1985 while in office.

What's not widely known is that, after his surgery, Reagan's doctors warned him that cancer cells might spread to his liver and other organs.

And even fewer know what he did next…

His wife, Nancy, persuaded him to undergo laetrile treatments.

Learning of a reputable alternative provider who worked with laetrile through his close friend, future Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield, Reagan received daily IV laetrile treatments in the Oval Office over the next thirteen months.

Saying "no" to radiation and chemotherapy and "yes" to "unproven", blacklisted laetrile treatments, Ronald Reagan lived a long, healthy life before being diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 84 and dying ten years later.

According to the documentary, Senator Mark Hatfield verified in 2007 that President Reagan did indeed receive laetrile treatments while in the White House for his colon cancer.

A New Paradigm – Is it Possible?

"The core problem isn't quacks, the core problem is money,
patents, and who is going to control the treatments."
- Ralph Moss, Author, "The Cancer Industry"

The current medical paradigm is to rush in, remove, kill, or poison the tumor. As long as there's been a war on cancer, that mindset has prevailed.

What if a tumor didn't have to shrink?

What if we could just look at a tumor as a "lump"?

After all, with traditional medicine, the pancreas doesn't "get better" in diabetes. You just learn to manage it. Couldn't we learn to do the same with cancer?

Cut Poison Burn presents these fascinating, alternative ways of viewing cancer, along with others.

The system is clearly upside down. And financial hurdles stand in the way of real change…

  • Economic incentives are not there for prevention
  • Doctors are taught to treat disease, more than how to prevent it, in medical school
  • Doctors are paid to treat, and not prevent, in practice

As Cut Poison Burn describes, what's needed is individualization of cancer treatment.

Characterizing the person and the cancer molecularly and custom-tailoring a treatment accordingly. Something that the present system is clearly not built to do…

Dare to Discover the Truth… Cut Poison Burn Uncovers it All

"The FDA states: 'We Defend the Public Health'… Of all the lies
perpetrate to the American public, that's the biggest."
- Jonathan Emord, Constitutional Lawyer

Cut Poison Burn ultimately conveys hope that we can create a new paradigm of prevention, medical freedom, and acceptance of individually tailored therapies, blending the best from the conventional and alternative worlds.

Taking over 12 years to complete, and sifting through 150 hours of footage and interviews with top oncologists, researchers, policy-makers, alternative practitioners, and patients, Cut Poison Burn ventures where no other film has ever dared to go.

What's brutally clear is that the current system isn't working. The War on Cancer has been a disappointment at best and an embarrassing disaster at worst. People are dying just as much as they did before the war started.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to see this vitally important film.

Only when we all know what often happens in the heart-wrenching maze called "cancer treatment" can we begin the honest conversation that needs to happen for real change to occur.

Until we start that conversation, people, just like you and the people closest to you, will continue to fall victim to the lies.

I'm excited to provide an opportunity for you to view the groundbreaking new film, Cut Poison Burn.

Watch it more than once. And please share it with friends and family. It's time to start the conversation, expose the deadly lies, and start saving lives.

Order your copy today.

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