"If You Want to Support Your Health with Silver, Make Sure You Use True Colloidal Silver*"

The three main types of silver most often used for health are:

  • Ionic silver – A majority of products labeled as colloidal silver are this type. This is primarily due to the low degree of production complexity required and the low cost. Although some products made this way may have merit, there are other higher quality forms of colloidal silver.
  • Silver protein – This type of silver should be avoided due to the low particle surface area, making it challenging to absorb and less effective.  
  • True colloidal silver – We believe true colloidal silver solutions are the most effective types of solutions to support health.

Even I was first thrown off by all the confusing information on colloidal silver. In fact, when I dug deeper, I discovered more. Certain forms of colloidal silver products may be contaminated by salts, proteins, stabilizers and oxidation.

For Thousands of Years Silver Has Been Believed to Help Support Human Health*

Colloidal Silver support immune function*
One of the traditional uses of colloidal silver was the belief that it could help support immune function.*

People have used silver for thousands of years to support their health.* 

Examples of traditional usage include…

  • Immune system support.*
  • Intestinal/digestive health support.*
  • Respiratory support.*

Let’s take a closer look at what’s behind this extraordinary mineral.

Myths About Colloidal Silver

There are several misconceptions out there about colloidal silver. And these myths can lead to more confusion when it comes to choosing a high-quality silver supplement.

Here are what we consider the top five myths about colloidal silver:

  • Myth #1: The higher the PPM (parts per million), the more effective the product – What makes a high-quality silver formula is not its PPM, but rather its particle charge and purity.
  • Myth #2: Colloidal silver formulas should not be clear – Pure silver colloids should be clear to a pale hue. Darker colored colloidal silver is a sign of larger silver particle size or contaminates (salts or proteins), thus a lower bioactivity or effectiveness. True colloidal silver is clear.
  • Myth #3: Elemental (neutral) particles of silver (Ag) are more active than positively charged silver particles (Ag+) – Some manufacturers claim elemental (neutral) silver particles (Ag) are responsible for colloidal silver’s effects. However, researchers found that colloidal silver’s potency is directly related to its level of positive silver ion (Ag+) concentration.
  • Myth #4: Silver will harm your gut flora (beneficial bacteria) – Taking a high-quality, bio-active form of true colloidal silver that gets efficiently absorbed should leave little to no leftover silver to interact with beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract.
  • Myth #5: Colloidal silver will always turn you blue – It’s true that certain silver compounds (salts and proteins) masquerading as colloidal silver may cause argyria (a benign but often permanent cosmetic skin discoloration). But a high-quality true colloidal silver formula (free of salts and proteins) can help steer clear of discoloration effects. Argyria is typically found in people using high concentration products as well.

To help you sift through the minefield of silver supplements, we want to introduce you to an extraordinary silver formula – no stone was left unturned.

A Supplement I Never Believed Could Even Be Formulated

Silver Solution Package
Silver Solution is packaged in non-leaching glass bottles to help protect the purity of the supplement.

I made doubly sure that whatever supplement my team found was formulated from high-quality true colloidal silver. They exceeded my expectations with Silver Solution because it…

  • Contains bio-active true colloidal silver – What we consider to be the ultimate refinement and purity of colloidal silver with a very low concentration (10 PPM).
  • Is free from salts, proteins, stabilizers and oxidizing compounds that can potentially contaminant the ingredients or impact the bioavailability.
  • Contains the suspension of a high content (96%) of positively charged silver.
  • Comes packaged in non-leaching glass bottles to help lock-in and ensure purity.

Colloidal Silver Comparisons

Beyond helping to ensure our own silver particle concentration and dispersion in Silver Solution, we took the use of TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy using an extremely expensive electron microscope that can magnify objects 100,000x their original size) a step further. And Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) was used to measure the silver concentration.

Both TEM and AAS were used to take a closer look at other competitive products. Over 105 colloidal silver brands from around the world have been analyzed

With regard to particle concentration, dispersion, color and purity, here are examples of those analyses that show the comparison with the true colloidal silver used in Silver Solution.

For this chart, samples of product comparisons were selected to show the variety of PPM content available.

Supplement Claim PPM Actual PPM pH Color Electron Microscopy – 100,000x magnification
Silver Solution 10.00 10.06 6.68 Clear Mercola Colloidal Silver Solution (Clear)
Product A 10.00 9.55 7.27 Pale Yellow Colloidal Silver Solution A (Pale Yellow)
Product B 30.00 35.35 6.54 Yellow Colloidal Silver Solution B (Yellow
Product C 50.00 74.92 7.35 Bright Yellow Colloidal Silver Solution C (Bright Yellow)
Product D 100.00 101.00 4.24 Clear Colloidal Silver Solution D (Clear)
Product E 250.00 160.50 3.42 Clear Colloidal Silver Solution E (Clear)
Product F 500.00 594.81 8.92 Dark Amber Colloidal Silver Solution F (Dark Amber)

What the above comparison chart shows is how Silver Solution stands out in terms of color, pH and PPM.

Who Wants Bluish-Gray Skin?

One of the issues that surfaces with silver, mainly because of all the confusing information out there, is that it causes Argyria in which the skin turns bluish-gray in color.

Argyria can result from impurities such as salts and proteins that form silver compounds, which may be difficult to eliminate from your body. These compounds are also most commonly found in colloidal silver products with higher concentrations (PPM) or those which are homemade.

So, how do you avoid this?

By choosing a high-quality true colloidal silver, such as Silver Solution, that:

  • Does not contain salt and protein impurities.
  • Provides low concentrations of colloidal silver (10 PPM).
  • Demonstrates solid evidence from an independent phototoxicity study (performed by a third-party laboratory) that this formula is not likely to cause argyria.

This About Sums It All Up

If you’re serious about a colloidal silver supplement to support your health,* this handy chart demonstrates why Silver Solution is your best choice.

Silver Solution – Features/Potential Benefits Summary

Features Potential Benefits
Contains bio-active true colloidal silver This type of colloidal silver may be less likely to have the potential shortcomings of other forms of colloidal silver.
Helps to avoid silver contaminants like salts, proteins and other compounds These contaminants may lead to ill effects, such as argyria (benign but permanent condition causing bluish-gray skin tone).
Contains a high content (96%) of positively charged silver The most promising benefits tend to come from positively charged silver ions.
Effectively employs a low silver concentration (10 PPM) A high PPM amount does not necessarily mean high quality. In fact, higher PPM formulas may have more impurities that may affect overall effectiveness.
Comes packaged in glass bottles Helps protect against leaching of packaging chemicals into formula. Certain plastics under certain conditions might cause leaching and potentially affect the quality of the colloidal silver. 

Time to Take Action

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a true colloidal silver formula backed by quality ingredients and production know-how – and that’s Silver Solution.

So, order Silver Solution today. It’s available in three different convenient delivery packages: Silver Solution Vertical Sprayer, Silver Solution Dropper and Silver Solution Mist Spray.

Try one or all for a high-quality, true colloidal silver supplement that will give you great value for your money.

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Top Five Frequently Asked Questions
  1. A: Silver Solution has a 3-year shelf life when stored out of direct sunlight.

  2. A: Silver Solution is completely clear in color. Darker color is an indication of oxidation or impurities in a silver product. True colloidal silver is clear.

  3. A: While the product may freeze in extreme cold temperatures, it will sustain its benefits. However, since the product is stored in a glass bottle to help protect its purity, we recommend freezing be avoided as the bottle may burst. Extreme heat and light should be avoided as well.

  4. A: Silver Solution is manufactured in a GMP approved facility in the U.S.

  5. A: There isn’t any risk of stomach acids destroying the silver. However, we do not recommend mixing Silver Solution with food or a beverage as the colloids may bind to the food which can affect the absorption process.

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