How Do Ceramic and Metal Cookware Compare?

Comparing ceramic cookware and metal cookware is almost like comparing an apple to an orange. They are both used for cooking foods, but their similarities end there.

Not only are they made from drastically different materials, the way they are made also varies. Durable, long-lasting ceramic cookware like Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware is kiln fired much like a brick, while metal cookware is typically formed with different layers, like copper and aluminum and other metals, to help conduct heat. However, these metals can potentially leach out into your food while cooking, which is a real disadvantage.

Ceramic cookware and metal cookware also cook your food differently. Ceramic cookware cooks your food from both the inside and outside at the same time – a real time and energy saver! Because a ceramic pan holds its temperature longer, you may need to use less energy to prepare your meal and the ceramic material will help your hot food retain its heat longer.

Ceramic VS Metal Cookware

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There’s no question that using high-quality ceramic cookware like the Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Cookware can help you prepare food like a pro while helping to keep your living environment clear of potentially dangerous fumes and gases.

With Mercola Healthy Chef cookware, you know exactly what’s inside your ceramic cookware. The entire set is made only with 100 percent inorganic natural minerals and nature’s own water. There are no hidden metals, alloys, or potentially dangerous chemicals to leach into your food or escape into the air to threaten your well-being or that of your family or your pet.

A wise choice for the chef in you as well as for the environment, discover the many benefits of high-quality ceramic cookware today!