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Q What kind of mushroom primarily grows on birch trees?

A Grown in colder climates and primarily on birch trees, the chaga mushroom absorbs many unique, biologically active compounds from the birch bark. When a birch tree loses its branches in a bad storm, chaga mushrooms can form over the wound, creating a protective type of scar that helps the tree survive while the chaga mushrooms symbiotically live off the nutrients from the birch tree.

Chaga has a much different appearance than your average mushroom, but it is still rich in polysaccharides and also contains betulinic acid, ergosterols and triterpenoids. The highest quality chagas can be found in the wild forests of the Finnish Lapland. Humans have been consuming chagas for thousands of years for their multiple benefits, such as helping to balance the immune system, and supporting healthy cholesterol levels and a normal inflammatory response.

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