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"Finally, a Healthy Solution to Sleeping Disorders"

Wake up the Way Nature Intended with the Soleil Sun Alarm!

Like a warm sunrise, the Sun Alarm wakes you naturally, giving you more energy for the day ahead. Combining the features of a traditional alarm clock (digital display, Digital AM/FM radio, beeper, snooze button, etc) with a special built-in light that gradually increases in intensity, this amazing clock simulates a natural sunrise. It also includes a sunset feature where the light fades to darkness over time -- ideal for kids or anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Plus, if you are a very sound sleeper this alarm will flash and beep at the end of the alarm cycle to assist you with waking. Loaded with special elements, the Sun Alarm clock features:

  • Easy-to-read LCD Display that can be turned off so your sleep is undisturbed.
  • Battery Back-up
  • High-Intensity Dimmable LED Lamp. Similar brightness to a traditional 40 watt bulb. Lasts up to 50,000 hours.
  • Digital AM/FM radio
  • Snooze button
  • Flash & Beeper to assist with waking
  • Sunset feature that fades light out over the selected interval of from 0 to 90 minutes
  • Nap Timer that can be activated at intervals from 15 to 120 minutes -- eliminating the need to reset the alarm time.
  • Compact size- about 5.5"x4.5"x5.53"
  • Works with travel converters
  • UL approved transformer
  • 90 day Warranty

Why the Sun Alarm Works

Sun Alarm Clock

How well you sleep can seriously alter the balance of hormones in your body. This can then disrupt your sleep/wake cycle, also called the circadian rhythm.

In relation to sleep and wakefulness, researchers have discovered that differing amounts of light trigger the human body to produce hormones that control when we fall asleep and when we wake up. With the low levels of light utilized in dawn simulation devices, you might wonder how you could actually wake up to it. The answer lies in the fact that human eyes are ultra-sensitive to light in the early morning. As a result of having been in darkness all night long, they are able to perceive and register even the smallest amounts of light.

When our eyes detect this increased level of light, a signal is sent to the brain's pineal gland. The pineal then triggers the production of the hormone serotonin, which causes us to slowly awaken. This natural method of waking leaves us feeling refreshed and energized. At the other end of the circadian scale, the pineal gland, in response to darkness, triggers the production of the hormone melatonin.

Banish Rude Awakenings with the Sun Alarm Clock

The rude awakenings in modern life certainly contribute to the daily stress we face. More importantly, this type of awakening may fail to support our delicate and complex body systems. Our inability to awaken in today's darkened bedroom created the need for an alarm clock, ergo: the blaring, buzzing, dreaded alarm clock.

Perhaps the worst side effect of an alarm clock is that in some people it can stimulate the fight-or-flight human defense mechanism. Since human beings are biologically programmed to wake up to sunlight, audio awakening devices seem diametrically opposed to our biological needs.

Audio devices of any kind trigger a response of sudden wakefulness causing a quick and disturbing rush of adrenalin. Our body naturally reacts by sending the appropriate fight-or-flight chemicals into our bloodstreams, preparing our body mechanisms to fight or run away.

Since there is nothing to fight and run from when we wake each morning, there is no need for such chemicals to be surging in our bloodstream at this time of day. Nevertheless, most of us still wake up each morning physically and emotionally armed for battle.

Respect Your Internal Alarm Clock with the Sun Alarm

The audio-awakening stimulus has no biological or chemical capacity for such programming, so it must be repeated morning after morning. Some people get into a simple habit of awakening at a certain time of day, but most don't. For those who don't -- audio stimulation must be repeated every morning.

A very important difference between audio awakening and retinal-visual awakening is that the latter actually "sets" our biological clock for awakening. The time you wake up today, by light, is the time your brain and body are now programmed to awaken tomorrow. Once a pattern is established with light-stimulated waking, you'll be more able to wake up at a regular time that has been set by retina-triggered serotonin, regardless of whether or not you use the Sun Alarm every morning.

Looking for the Perfect Gift -- Order The Soleil Sun Alarm Today!

Now you can get the Sun Alarm Clock for just $79.95! An ideal gift for the hard to buy for person on your gift list, the Sun Alarm allows for undisturbed sleep schedules. Mom and Dad, health conscious friends, and anyone with children will appreciate this revolutionary gift. Plus, its ability to minimize jet lag and compact size make it great for business and leisure travelers alike.

Important Note: The Sun Alarm Clock is made with North American plugs and uses 110V. If you are in Europe or elsewhere outside the U.S. you will need a converter to.

We're sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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Sun Alarm Clock with 300w Controller
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Sun Alarm Clock
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