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"Is Sitting Making You Sick, Depressed, and Feeling Overweight?"

You may be surprised to learn that your body is designed for standing, not sitting, during the majority of your waking hours. You were meant to sit only to take a rest.

Today the average person sits for 13 hours a day, sleeps for a little less than 8, and moves for the remaining 3.

And it’s clearly showing up in our health…

They Laughed at Him at the Mayo Clinic…

Not that long ago, Dr. James Levine, co-director of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Weight- Initiative, was laughed at when he suggested sitting might be harmful to health. He was even asked to get a psychiatric evaluation.

Early on in his career, he collected data showing overweight people sat for two and a quarter hours longer each day than lean people. Yet, his fellow members of this prestigious scientific organization considered his theory outlandish.

Today some 10,000 publications support Dr. Levine’s early observations. In fact, 24 different conditions are now associated with excessive sitting.

Dr. Levine sums it up like this:

"Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death."

And the worst part? Even 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise can’t erase or prevent the damage caused by sitting long hours each day!

How Sitting Silently Wrecks Your Health

In my opinion, one of the worst ways sitting affects your health is how it changes your body’s way of handling sugar. Research shows it can raise your risk for metabolic syndrome.

But that’s not all…

Sitting Health Effects
How much time do YOU spend sitting?

When you sit down:

  • Your calorie burning drops to 1 per minute
  • Your blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels rise within the normal range as cellular controls shut down
  • Your blood pressure goes up
  • Your leg and foot circulation declines inside the normal range
  • Your bowels can become sluggish, leading to constipation
  • Your spine and muscles become compressed by poor posture
  • Your neck can become kinked and contribute to headaches
  • Your brain activity and alertness decline from reduced oxygen and blood flow within the normal range

A review of 47 studies reveals that sitting too much day after day puts you at a significantly higher risk for a shorter life span.

In fact, these researchers found that people who sit for prolonged periods were 24 percent more likely to die from health problems during the studies, which lasted between 1 and 16 years, compared with people who sat less.

Now for the Good News…You CAN Change Your Health

Long-Term Sitting Solution
The only real solution for long-term sitting is standing

No matter how many years you’ve been sitting for long hours, you can start reversing the damage. Your body changes constantly and continuously creates new cells. You can make things right…

It’s never too late to start standing.

Ideally, you want to stand up, sit less, and move more. Your body was designed to be active all day long.

For most people, a logical place to start is their work environment.

A height-adjustable standing desk is an excellent tool for adding variety and movement into your workday. You can work standing for a couple of hours or longer and then lower the desk to sitting height to take a break.

What Happens When You Stand Up

Within 90 seconds of standing up aftersitting for an extended period, the molecular and cellular systems that process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol – which are all controlled by insulin – switch on.

Simply by placing all your weight upon your legs, the way your body handles blood sugar improves. Fuel pulses into your cells and your muscles. Blood flow improves and you burn about 20 percent more calories.

Standing Up: Physical and Mental Benefit*
Standing up and moving during your work day offers many physical and mental benefits

Standing engages your leg, back, and shoulder muscles. And that leads to an increase in the enzymes responsible for breaking up fat in your bloodstream.

One study showed that standing increased muscular activity of the thigh by a whopping 250 percent as opposed to sitting – key for maintaining blood sugar and vascular health.

You don’t have to reduce your sitting to the extreme. Many proponents of standing desks don't recommend standing for a full eight hours each day…

What’s most important is to move around and frequently alternate between sitting and standing. NASA researcher Dr. Joan Vernikos recommends changing your posture every 20 to 40 minutes.

In fact, recent data shows that alternating between 30 minutes of sitting and standing can improve normal blood sugar levels after a meal.

Remind yourself that when you stand more, you help increase your energy, burn extra calories, tone your muscles, improve posture, increase your body’s and brain’s blood flow, maintain your blood sugar, and ramp up your metabolism.

That’s a lot of potential benefits from doing something as simple as standing up!

Want to Slim Down and Stay That Way?
Stand for at Least One-Fourth of Your Day

One of the newest studies reveals good news for anyone wanting to reduce their risk of obesity.

Researchers looked at the effects of standing on weight and metabolic syndrome, both alongside and independent of exercise.

The study included 7,075 healthy adults of both sexes between the ages of 20 and 79. Here’s what the researchers found:

  • Men who stood up for a quarter of the time (about six hours) each day or more had a 32 percent lower risk of weight gain.
  • Men who stood up for about half the day had a 59 percent reduced likelihood of weight gain.
  • In women, standing a quarter, half, and three-quarters of the time each day was associated with a 35 percent, 47 percent, and 57 percent lower risk of weight gain respectively.

And this study also found that the less you exercise, the more pronounced the negative effects of sitting!

Stand Up for Your Mental Health

Along with the rest of your body, your brain and nervous system depend on strong blood flow, oxygen-rich blood, and optimal glucose metabolism to work properly.

Recent studies have looked more closely at the emotional aspects of sitting:

  • Out of nearly 9,000 women ages 50 to 55, those who sat for seven hours a day and were physically inactive were three times as likely to have mood symptoms compared to those who sat for four hours or less and got enough physical activity.
  • UK workers who spent the greatest amount of personal, non-work time sitting at the computer scored lowest for mental well-being.

In another study, when a group of sedentary office workers changed their work habits and started standing more during the day, they experienced an increased sense of well-being and energy, with a decrease in fatigue. Even their appetite diminished!

Breaking the Sitting Myth: Will YOU Be Less Productive When You Stand?

Do you believe that sitting equals productivity? Many people do.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – and you might even agree…

Those who sit for their entire work day often end up taking more frequent and longer breaks because they are sore, uncomfortable, and fatigued!

Studies show that when people stand more during their work hours, their productivity also goes up. That’s because standing also allows you to move around more (shifting your weight from foot to foot, taking breaks to turn your body to the side, etc.), giving you more energy. It also reduces the strain on your eyes from looking at a computer screen for long periods, since it’s easier to look away and refocus your eyes elsewhere for a moment while moving around.

A team at put standing desks to the test… Seven people tested a standing desk for one week each. Their conclusions? Standing while working led to as much as a 10 percent increase in productivity!

So what is it about standing desks that helps people get more done?

Standing gives you a sense of urgency that helps you focus on tasks. Users of standing desks often report:

  • Higher energy levels - Energy levels seem more constant without common after-meal and mid-afternoon slumps.
  • Better concentration – Easier to focus on what needs to get done and helps eliminate the urge to multitask and get distracted.
  • Feeling motivated to get things done – Greater desire to complete tasks and get them out of the way!

Unlike sitting down to a desk, walking up to a standing desk seems so natural and easy to get something done!

A Man with a Vision Makes the Affordable Standing Desk Possible…

Years after a serious motorcycle injury, Steven Yu discovered he needed to sit less and stand more. And he was sure he wasn’t the only one who might be interested in having an option between sitting and standing while working.

When he saw how pricey most standing desks on the market were, he knew he could do better. He was confident he could create an adjustable desk that was solid and structurally sound – and affordable for nearly everyone.

The one thing Yu insisted on throughout the entire process was that his company’s quality standards had to match those of the US. Just because he made the decision to build his desks in China, he wasn’t going to sacrifice quality materials and workmanship.

How did Steven produce an adjustable standing desk that met customers’ demands yet is price comparable to any desk on the market?

Yu made his product affordable by simplifying the mechanics that go into raising and lowering the height.

But even more than that he personally supervised each step of the manufacturing process to ensure his high standards were met, and no substitutions or shortcuts were made – something that very few companies do.

Through his hard work and devotion to his project, Steven achieved his goals and still maintains stringent quality control measures today, to ensure his desks meet – or exceed - customer expectations.

And thanks to him, now I’m able to offer this wonderful product to you

Introducing the Convenient and Health-Promoting Adjustable Standing Desk

The Mercola Adjustable Standing Desk’s custom motor is designed to lift 225 pounds – plenty of dependable power to hoist your computer and desk gadgets.

Mercola Adjustable Standing Desk
The Mercola Adjustable Standing Desk automatically adjusts from 28 to 45 inches in height

The real beauty of this desk is its flexibility and customization. Here are some of the stand-out features my standing desk offers:

  • Has an adjustable range of 28 to 45 inches – so it can comfortably accommodate people as tall as 6'3"
  • No-frill design is clean and sleek with a spacious, smooth, 26 inch by 60 inch jet black laminate top.
  • The dark desktop is easy to clean.
  • A simple 2-button control unit powers your desk to move up and down effortlessly with one simple touch.
  • Features a cable management tray to eliminate messy cords.

You’ll appreciate all of the benefits that standing instead of constantly sitting can provide.

Do you suffer from back pain? Sitting can actually place large amounts of pressure on your back muscles and spinal discs and many find that standing instead of sitting relieves that pain.

One MORE Thing to Help Ease Your Aching Back

Grounding Floor Mat

Even standing for extended periods can be tiring and hard on your back. That’s why I recommend changing your position often and moving as much as possible.

But what if you must stand in one place for a longer period of time?

Maybe your job demands it... Or you need to work in your kitchen… Perhaps you just prefer standing while using your Adjustable Standing Desk but would like to minimize the strain on your back from prolonged standing.

The Grounded Standing Floor Mat provides plush comfort wherever you need it most – with your Standing Desk, in your kitchen, or at work.

But, make no mistake, this is no ordinary anti-fatigue mat... Because it is grounded, and connects to your home or work via the ground port of a grounded 3 prong outlet, you receive the added benefit of grounding with the earth’s natural energy when you step onto the mat without shoes and socks!

Used either while standing or sitting, the Grounded Standing Floor Mat allows free electrons to flow from the earth into your body and throughout your tissues. In effect, barefoot contact with the mat helps maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the earth.

Grounding while you’re doing something else, like working at your desk, preparing food, or even watching a movie allows you to take advantage of the positive effects from the earth’s free electrons without going outside!

Made from extra sturdy, 1/2-inch thick conductive carbonized rubber, the black-on-black Grounded Standing Floor Mat provides a generous 24 by 36 inches for standing and moving. The included Outlet Checker provides visual confirmation that your outlet is properly grounded. Also included is a 15-foot (4.57 m) cord for mat placement flexibility.

If the White House Is Willing to Invest $700,000 in Standing Desks, Isn’t It Time You Considered One, Too?

In September of 2015, the White House officially requested up to $700,000 worth of height-adjustable standing desks. If they’re important enough for key officials, don’t you think you should you have one too?

You can have your own high-quality Adjustable Standing Desk for less than $1.70 a day, for a year.

And that’s just your investment spread out over a year’s time. With a generous 10-year limited warranty with 3 years for moving and electrical parts, your desk is yours to enjoy for years – at no extra cost!

Our supplier is waiting to ship your new desk directly to your home or office. Just give us the okay below and we’ll rush your desk to you. We’ll even ship it to you without any extra shipping costs!

Let me ask you, isn’t your health, happiness, and productivity worth substantially less than two dollars a day? Many people spend more than double that on their daily latte without a second thought!

Not only is your purchase affordable, it’s also nearly risk-free. I’m confident you’re going to love your new desk, but if you change your mind, you can return it within 30 days of delivery (see details below).

Don’t go another day sitting longer than you should… It’s time to take control of your health, happiness, and productivity. Order your Adjustable Standing Desk and Grounded Standing Floor Mat today!

Standing Desk
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Grounded Standing Floor Mat
Grounded Standing Floor Mat
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Always use as directed. The Grounded Floor Mat Connection Outlet Grounding Checker is designed for 120V 60Hz use only! AVOID POTENTIAL SHOCK HAZARD: Use only product approved connecting cord with built-in internal safety feature. If your Outlet Ground Checker does not display correct, do not use the product before consulting an electrician. For your safety, locate any connecting cord in such a way that it does not cause a tripping hazard.


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. Q: I’ve heard that standing for long periods can have negative effects on health as well. Will standing while I work really be better than sitting all day?

    A: Yes, studies show that standing for larger time periods throughout your day is better than sitting for your overall health. And the best part about my desk is that it’s adjustable and you can easily alternate between sitting and standing.

    The one thing that’s always good to remember is that movement is key, and it’s much easier to move when you’re standing. When you first start using your standing desk, you’ll notice yourself moving naturally – shifting from leg to leg and changing your body posture often. Those types of weight-bearing adjustments benefit your muscles, brain, balance, and organ function.

  2. 2. Q: I’m fairly tall – 6’3” to be exact. Will the Standing Desk accommodate someone of my height?

    A: The Mercola Adjustable Standing Desk adjusts to a range from 28 to 45 inches, so yes, a 6’3” individual would feel comfortable with the upper height.

  3. 3. Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Right now our supplier is only shipping to Contiguous US addresses.

  4. 4. Q: Does the Mercola Adjustable desk require assembly?

    A: Yes, the desk will be sent to you in two boxes – one for the base and one for the top. Unlike many warehouse-sourced desks, the Adjustable Desk is straightforward to assemble – takes only about 30 minutes. All the screws and parts you need are included. A specially prepared video walks you through each step:

  5. 5. Q: Can I place a short filing cabinet or drawers under the desk?

    A: Yes, just make sure it measures less than 28 inches so it doesn’t interfere with the mechanics of the desk.

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