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Healthy and Delicious 100% Organic and Raw Milk Cheese from Grass-Fed Cows Now Available!

Imagine biting into a piece of the smoothest, most delicious cheese, the kind that makes your mouth water, and knowing it is actually very GOOD for you. That means certified 100% organic cheese that comes from cows raised naturally on an entirely grass-fed diet, which as you'll read below makes all the difference in the world in fighting and preventing illness, increasing your energy, and prolonging your life.

Now stop imagining. Because I have finally found a source for truly healthy cheese that ships anywhere in the U.S. -- they've even got two raw (unpasteurized) milk cheeses available! -- And believe me, "delicious" is an understatement. Whether you cook with it or snack on it, you are going to appreciate this cheese because it is so nutritious, but you are going to fall in love with it like I have because of its incredible taste.

Why THIS Cheese Stands Alone: Exceptional Omega-3, CLA, and Other Nutrition

In terms of nutrition, the difference between organic cheese from grass-fed and the cheese from grain-fed cows you find in most stores and restaurants is as opposite as two different forms of the same food gets. I strongly urge you to avoid grain-fed cheese, while I highly recommend this grass-fed cheese from Swissland.

Though cows are naturally grass-feeding animals, 85-95% of dairy cows are raised in confinement on a diet of grain, particularly corn, because it is far more cost-efficient for agribusiness. Because this grain-based diet is highly abnormal and disruptive, it changes the pH in cows. This then sets up an environment and terrain in the cow for many abnormal physiological conditions in the cow which can increase the need for the use antibiotics. Further, to promote faster growth and more excessive milk production, many of these dairy cows are fed a variety of growth hormones. All of this makes for the severely unhealthy dairy products that you'll find on virtually all grocery store shelves.

Cheese from grain-fed cows is very high in the omega-6 fats that most people get far too much of and can lead to a variety of diseases. Meanwhile, it is quite low in the omega-3 that most people are dangerously deficient in. It is also very low in "conjugated linoleic acid," or CLA, that people need.

This cheese from grass-fed cows, on the other hand, is:

  • One of the few foods that contains a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, a ratio ideal for your health
  • Very high in "conjugated linoleic acid;" in fact, it contains five times more CLA than dairy from grain-fed cows!
  • Considerably higher in beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E than cheese and other dairy from grain-fed sources.
  • High in the healthy calcium and protein your body needs
  • Made from 100% Certified organic milk
  • Free of all antibiotics and growth hormones
organic cheese

The reason this cheese is higher in all the vitamins (it's four times higher in vitamin E, for instance) is in part because fresh pasture provides more of these nutrients than grains. Another reason, though, is because cows on a grass diet naturally produce considerably less milk than those fed grain.

These modest yields of milk from grass-fed cows are part of the reason almost all agribusiness has shifted to grain-feeding (greater yield = more money for them), but the dairy from grass-fed cows is a great blessing for you. Cows only have a limited amount of vitamins to transfer to their milk, so what people get with grain-fed dairy is a drastically watered-down product in terms of vitamins. With this cheese from grass-fed cows, meanwhile, you are getting a considerably higher concentration of vitamins -- and the omega-3, and the CLA -- in every bite.

This cheese has 500% more CLA than cheese and other dairy products from grain-fed cows is alone an incredibly compelling reason to make it your dairy of choice!

Happy, Healthy Grass-Fed Cows Also Means Exceptional Taste

The cows that produce this Swissland grass-fed cheese graze on 100% organic grasses -- meaning grasses that are not treated with pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals -- in un-crowded pastures. There are no tight quarters and food competition as with grain-fed cows, meaning the cows are unstressed, which also translates to their milk's health value.

Furthermore, their pastures include various "weeds" that are actually like medicinal herbs to the grazing cows. They can, in effect, pick and choose the grasses they naturally need for their optimal health, and therefore their milk's optimal health. In addition to the dramatically high level of nutrition the resulting cheese provides, being raised in this entirely natural state also results in a much better tasting cheese. You will immediately notice that the flavors are more pronounced than any cheese you've tried before, and the texture is also far smoother and more pleasing to your palette.

grass fed cheese or grass-fed cheese

Eleven Different Cheeses Available to You
Including Two Raw (Unpasteurized) Cheeses!

Swissland offers eleven different delicious cheeses available for direct cold-storage shipping to you. And so it's a great opportunity to try various varieties -- and because these cheeses have an exceptionally long shelf-life as you'll read for each of them below, it is also a great opportunity to stock up on them.

With each of the descriptions below, you'll also get a good idea of its particular taste (some of the flavors you'll of course know well) and its ideal uses.

  • Brick is an American cheese, made in rectangular loaves, that displays numerous fine holes when it is sliced. When young -- classified as 5 to 6 months old, which is how it is delivered to you -- it is sweet and mild. After aging, it tastes somewhat like a mild Limburger or cheddar, and has also been compared to a Danish Tilsit. Stored unopened, it will age but will last a year or more.
    Brick (as well as feta) cheese is made from drained instead of pressed curd. This gives it even higher levels of omega-3 and CLA since the long chain fatty acids are not broken in processing.
    This grass-fed organic brick cheese is ideal for slicing or grating and is excellent in many recipes or simply as a snack.
  • Feta is a classic and famous Greek curd cheese whose tradition dates back thousands of years. Feta cheese is white, formed into to semi-hard square cakes, with a tangy, salty flavor.
    Grass-fed organic milk is curdled with plant rennet, then separated and allowed to drain in a special mold. It is cut into large slices (feta means "slice") that are salted with sea salt and then packed into barrels filled with sea salt brine.
    Feta, like the brick cheese above, is made from drained instead of pressed curd that means even higher omega-3 and CLA levels for you.
    Feta is delicious crumbled over salads (such as the classic Greek salad), or served together with sliced tomatoes and sprinkled with olive oil and fresh herbs.
    Feta has a 9 to 12 month shelf unopened in the refrigerator.
  • Mozzarella, the classic Italian string cheese, is famed for its use in many recipes. It is categorized as a fresh cheese because it is never aged. You can eat the cheese the same day it is made. An interesting note about mozzarella is its ability to be frozen and stored for up to six months and then thawed and used, with very little loss in flavor.
    Mozzarella is a natural semi-hard cheese with high melt-ability, great for cooking. It can be stored unopened in your refrigerator for 5 to 6 months, and again can be frozen if necessary.
  • Garlic & Herb Cheese has developed a wide and very devoted following, and the taste and aroma alone will likely make you a major fan. It is great as a snack or in a variety of recipes.
    In addition to the health benefits of being an organic cheese, with this cheese you also get the major nutritional benefits of garlic.
    This Garlic & Herb Cheese ages well and will last over a year unopened in the refrigerator.
  • Cheddar is simply America's favorite cheese! It is great for cooking, baking, snacking, and salads. Has a pleasant, milder taste for the first 9-12 months, and then gracefully sharpens for the next 2 years.
  • Colby is an exceptionally smooth and creamy, mellow cheese. It is ideal for melting and cooks very well. It offers a pleasant and mild taste that makes an excellent addition to any dish, sandwich or salad. Colby cheese has a shelf life of around 9 months.
  • Pepper Jack cheese adds zing to any dish or is great eaten alone. The wonderful grass-fed nutrition is enhanced with the circulatory improving benefits of Jalapeno Pepper.
    Pepper Jack has a medium hot taste on the tongue and a pleasant after burn. This zesty cheese melts, slices and grates easily. A spicy addition to any meal or snack, Pepper Jack ages well, getting hotter and more flavorful with age!
  • Veggie Jack is one of Swissland's most interesting cheeses containing an exquisite blend of carrots, celery, bell pepper, parsley, tomatoes and garlic. This cheese has a mild appealing flavor the makes a great snack. Veggie Jack ages well -- with the pepper flavor getting bolder over time.
  • Baby Swiss is made from 100% organic milk from grass-fed cows. This cheese is characterized by its firm consistency with small holes. It has a silky, creamy texture with a flavor that is mild, nutty, and buttery. It is great for slicing and melting. This is without a doubt the most nutritious and best tasting Baby Swiss that you will ever get your hands on!

Order Your Grass-Fed Organic Cheese at a SPECIAL SHIPPING PRICE!

And you've got many choices in terms of packages to choose from below.

The cheese will be shipped direct from Swissland's farm to you in cold storage, and once you remove it from the cold storage container it is a good idea to refrigerate it right away. As noted with each cheese above, it will last quite a long time in your refrigerator unopened, so this is one health food you can save significant money on by buying in bulk.

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