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New Start™ has been discontinued.

However, if you would like some information on how to detox, please take a look at these articles:

The Food that Helps You to Detox Pesticides
Optimizing your gut flora is one of the most powerful nutritional interventions you can implement to stay healthy. Discover how kimchi and other fermented foods can help you detox and promote optimal health.

Should You Detox to Get Rid of Chemicals?
Detoxing and cleansing your body of toxins periodically can definitely help counteract some of this onslaught of damage. But what is the best way to rid your system of toxins? Find out what a group of experts and I think the best way to detox is.

The Easiest Way to Eat ALL the Veggies You Need Every Day…
Juicing is a powerful tool that can accelerate your progress towards optimal health. Health benefits of juicing include increased absorption of nutrients, and improved detoxification and fat loss.

Many subscribers are moving toward better health by taking steps I talk about all the time. And I'm sure if you're reading this, you are likely already implementing health-promoting changes in your life, like:

  • Consuming healthy food choices within your Nutrition Type (NT), including as much raw, organic, and unprocessed whole foods as possible.
  • Exercising on a regular basis by incorporating the 4 primary principles of exercise – aerobic, anaerobic (interval), strength, and core
  • Drinking plenty of pure water daily and avoiding DBPs (disinfection byproducts)
  • Enjoying healthy amounts of sunshine to help boost your vitamin D levels
  • Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night

Believe it or not, even if you're doing all those things, it still might not be enough to catapult you to the level of health you dream of…

Add These Actions to That List!

As helpful as each of these actions is – and I sincerely urge you to begin taking these actions immediately – there are three simple measures you can take to improve your health and energy levels. In only ten days, you can begin to see a big difference!

Sometimes called colon cleansing, it can be a big help in removing toxins from your body.

A major word of caution! Many people make mistakes with colon cleansing… often very significant mistakes…

First, you might never do it at all, with the mistaken belief that if you're taking all the other above actions you don't need it. Or maybe you've never even thought about it.

Second, if you do colon cleansing, you might inadvertently choose products that are very harsh on your body, take too long, or are cumbersome and disruptive to use. You choose a good option but then execute it in a damaging or inconvenient way.

Third, you do a colon cleansing and then fail to keep the ongoing 'maintenance' up.

Now you can do 3 great things for your digestive health: detoxify, maintain and support your digestive system… by combining the benefits of New Start™, Bowelcare Plus, and Complete Probiotics™.

Consider this…

Dredging Out Poisons is Crucial

New Start™ cleans the toxins in the body
We make it a national priority to clean the toxins from our rivers. Why not your body also?

To help you examine why cleansing may be helpful to your overall health, let's compare it to a non-human model…

You may or may not be aware that many rivers are full of poisons that make them unfit for recreation, wildlife, food supplies (fish), and even commerce. Numerous rivers, both inside and outside of the United States, have been or are slated for dredging to clean up PCBs.

Take these rivers, for example…

  • Hudson River – the largest federal Superfund site, stretching a 200-mile span to clean up PCBs dumped there from 1946 to 1977.
  • Clinton River in Michigan – scheduled for clean-up of toxic contamination at levels three times higher than much-publicized Rouge River pollution.
  • Columbia River near Vancouver, Washington – where a PCB hot spot three feet deep with concentrations as high as 300,000 ppb (parts per billion) will be cleaned up, to not exceed a level of 98 ppb.

And there are many more, both in the U.S. and abroad. But some rivers are dredged for other reasons…

Not Just for Poisons, But Dredging for Regular Accumulations of Sediment Too

New Start™ Dredging for non-toxic
Dredging is for cleaning up non-toxic but hazardous, sediments also. Remember to clean the sludge from your body.

Dredging is even performed when there is no contamination. Rivers carry sand and soil with them as they flow toward the ocean. The greater the water speed, the more capacity it has to move sand, silt and even rocks with it. Then when the water slows down, materials that were suspended in the water drop down to create sand and gravel bars that can impede navigation.

If enough sediment falls out, the deposits create shoals or sandbars, making navigation channels shallower than shown on navigation maps. Shoals are hazardous as they can cause ships to run aground, damaging the vessel and its contents… and even damaging the environment if dangerous cargo is spilled in the waterways.

Dredging is underwater excavation used to re-establish the channel for smooth navigation, and to clean up contaminants. Periodic dredging is performed to keep a channel clear and safe for navigation and other purposes, called maintenance dredging.

What does this have to do with your internal cleansing? More than you might think…

Ways to Show Toxins the Door

New Start™ Detoxification Program
Your detoxification program should include an exercise program that creates profuse sweat.

Here's what I mean…

New Start™ uses a blend of Fiber – critical for two reasons:

You could be taking in more toxins than you realize – through pesticides on your foods, by eating unhealthy convenience food loaded with preservatives, drinking chlorinated water, smoking or alcohol use, auto exhaust and other environmental pollutants, the skin care products you use, and your own metabolic wastes.

Although normally present in small amounts, it's easy to see how toxins can accumulate over a period of time (just as the pollutants in our rivers accumulated over time).

There are only a few ways you can show toxins the door.

Exercise that creates a large amount of sweat is a very effective way to facilitate toxin elimination. If you're not engaged in an exercise program that causes you to sweat profusely on a regular basis, consider starting one today.

Additionally, it's the job of your liver and colon to force toxins to exit your system. Removing toxins and cleansing your intestinal tract can then set a healthy stage for reintroducing beneficial microflora, which is critical to good overall health.*

It is clearly not recommended to cleanse excessively, but many adults benefit from 2-4 cleanses per year.*

Also, while not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, I believe that cleansing when you want to get pregnant is a great way to prepare your body for optimal health.* It's also very appropriate after weaning your child to promote cleansing of your body.*

Just as periodic dredging of a navigation channel in a river is done to clean it up, conscious commitment to cleaning your internal organs and digestive system on a regular schedule makes good sense.

It helps you get rid of the 'sludge' of toxins and other non-helpful things that build up in your system over time.* Here's why…

Your Liver – a Critical Organ to Protect

Your liver, weighing about four pounds, is the second largest organ of your body (your skin is the largest) and its largest gland. It performs more than 500 separate jobs, and is critically involved in every aspect of your metabolism. It's the central 'chemical laboratory' of your body, producing chemicals you need to survive, such as bile, albumin, blood clotting factors, cholesterol, and vitamin E.

Perhaps its most important function is the secretion of bile. This fluid is stored in the gallbladder and released as needed for digestion.

Bile is essential to break down fats into small globules, and also helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and helps assimilate calcium. It converts beta-carotene into vitamin A. Further, it promotes intestinal peristalsis and normal bowel function.

Your liver plays an important role in fat metabolism, and production of cholesterol, lipoproteins, and phospholipids. In a complex process catalyzed by a series of enzymes, your liver converts amino acids (proteins) and lipids into glucose.

Your liver helps regulate normal blood sugar levels, by creating glucose tolerance factor (GTF) from chromium and glutathione. Sugars not needed immediately are stored in the liver and converted back into sugar when needed for energy. Excess food is converted to fat in the liver and carried to your body's fatty tissues for storage. When needed, it provides energy for the brain, heart and muscles.

Your Liver – Your Body's "Garbage Disposal"

In addition to its important digestion and energy production functions, your liver treats 1.4 liters of blood per minute, acting as your body's garbage disposal, or detoxifier. It eliminates various harmful chemicals from your body…

  • Ammonia produced from protein digestion and bacterial fermentation of food in the intestines
  • Insecticide residues
  • Chlorine, alcohol, and other harmful chemicals

Your liver combines these toxic substances with less toxic ones, then excretes them via the kidneys. So for the liver to function properly, you must also have capable kidney function.

Perhaps in an ideal world – a world without environmental challenges, stress, and processed foods – cleansing wouldn't be necessary. But that simply isn't the case for most of us in the 21st century.

You can see why regular cleansing of the body, and especially the liver and colon, is so vital to maintaining your good health.*

Just as dredging is done on our rivers, cleaning your internal organs and digestive system on a quarterly or semiannual schedule with New Start™ makes good sense.*

Why do I recommend New Start™ over other alternatives?

Let me explain…

Seven Reasons to Choose New Start™ for Your Periodic Cleanse

You will find New Start™ to be…

  • QuickerNew Start™ takes only 10 days to get great results (the shortest regimen available among the leading cleansers). So you can promote normal intestinal tract function more quickly.* Why spend 14 days or up to a month, for no good reason?
  • Convenient – Use this easy 10-day program without disrupting your work, school, activity, or home schedule. In fact, it's been specifically designed to eliminate toxins – NOT your lifestyle!
  • GentleNew Start™ does not contain harsh stimulant laxatives that make you run for the bathroom, unlike many cleanses on the market that contain ingredients tending to irritate the inside lining of your colon. (This is also unlike those uncomfortable cleanses designed to prepare you for tests like colonoscopies.)
  • Complete – This unique, 3-step system refines, reduces, and releases toxins from your body.* What it does NOT do is introduce new toxins!
  • High Quality – Utilizes wholesome, all-natural dietary fibers that are specially selected and combined into a toxin-absorbing formula for release from your system.*
  • Low in allergenic potential* – No nuts, soy, eggs or milk.
  • Simple to understand and easy to use – This uncomplicated "evening only" cleansing regimen lets you wait till you get home and settled in for the evening. No need to alter your lifestyle for a cleansing program…

And in addition to your periodic cleansings using New Start™, it's important you…

Don't Forget About Regular Maintenance

As I mentioned above, the third mistake people often make with colon cleansing is they fail to keep the maintenance part going.

Now I realize colon cleansing maintenance is probably not high up on your list… but if you're serious about your health, it's a critical step.

Otherwise, if you don't help maintain a healthy colon between cleansings, you could reduce the effectiveness of using New Start™ 2-4 times a year to cleanse your system.

To help you out and make it as convenient as possible to complement New Start™, I've added a new cleansing maintenance formula called Bowelcare Plus.

So what's so special about Bowelcare Plus?

First of all, Bowelcare Plus comes from one of the most committed manufacturers of high-quality organic herbal formulas… Organic India.

I personally witnessed Organic India's capabilities first-hand during my travels to India.

Organic India's Ayurvedic Approach

In 1997, a movement began to take place in northern India that would change the face of farming in the region.

A group of people convinced of the value of organic farming and cultivation began working with local farmers to help solve over-farming issues.

These people had passion and "commitment to promote holistic sustainable development for all beings through organic agriculture."

This innovative group grew into a company – Organic India.

One of the main reasons I selected Bowelcare Plus is due to Organic India's Ayurvedic approach… the 5000 year-old healing practice that promotes whole herbs to address the cause of problems and not just the symptoms.

Here's more on why I strongly recommend Bowelcare Plus as a key formula in your overall cleansing strategy.

80% of Your Immune System Lives in Your Colon – Keeping it Healthy will Help Keep You Healthy

As part of your daily cleansing regimen to complement periodic colon cleansings with New Start™, Bowelcare Plus

  • Helps you normalize bowel movement*
  • Eases occasional elimination issues*
  • Reduces your abdominal discomfort and acidity*
  • Helps soothe your intestinal tissues*
  • Tones and strengthens your intestinal walls*
  • Aids you in relieving gas and cramping*
  • Helps you improve overall bowel system function*

It's important for you to know that 80% of your immune system lives in your colon. So, keeping it healthy on a regular basis will help keep you healthy.

The bottom line: a well-maintained colon helps boost your immune system and promotes healthier living.*

So, what makes Bowelcare Plus work so well?

7 Organic Nutrients Help You Maintain a Healthy Colon and More*

What nutrients work together in this organically certified herbal formula from Organic India?

Organic Ingredients Potential Benefits to You
Amalaki – fruit (Phyllanthus emblica) Promotes body energy and rejuvenation*
Bel – leaves (Aegle marmelos) Soothes the abdomen
Haritaki – fruit (Terminalia chebula) Helps remove the potential toxins and nourishes body tissues*
Vibhitaki – fruit (Terminalia belerica) Balances gastro-intestinal elimination and supports healthy hair*
Chandrashoor – seeds (Lipidium sativum) Helps lubricate and soothe the bowel*
Isabgol – husk (Plantago ovata) Psyllium plant husk promotes normal elimination and support regular gastro-intestinal (GI) transit*
Vegetable Cellulose – capsule Gluten-free – safe for vegans and vegetarians
Caution: Bowelcare Plus should not to be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding unless directed by your licensed healthcare professional.

By now you should understand why I chose Bowelcare Plus to provide you a convenient cleansing formula to complement New Start™.

And here's more on New Start™.

Specially Chosen Fibers and Other Select Ingredients Promote Your Digestive Health and Detoxification

New Start™

New Start™ contains wholesome, all-natural dietary fibers that are gentle on your system, along with botanicals, for a natural cleanse without synthetic stimulants or designer chemicals.

You'll find special select ingredients like these:

  • Step 1: Refine –
    • Chlorella. Widely studied for its ability to bind with environmental toxins.*
    • Dandelion. Cleanses your bloodstream and liver. Increases production of bile.*
  • Step 2: Reduce –
    • Flax Seed. Tiny but mighty. Source of omega-3s. Readily absorbs water in your stomach and intestines to increase bulk and movement of stool.*
    • Pea Fiber. A fermentation-resistant fiber with the ability to trap impurities for removal from your body.*
    • Alfalfa. Alkalizes and detoxifies your body.*
  • Step 3: Release –
    • Aloe, fennel, ginger, peppermint and basil have been studied for their ability to facilitate healthy digestion.*
    • Fenugreek. Lubricates your intestines and acts as a laxative.*
    • Licorice. Supports colon cleansing.*

New Start™ combines these ingredients and more for a powerful, yet gentle cleansing effect on your digestive tract.*

Here's how it works…

3 Simple Steps to a More Refreshed Body*

New Start™ uses a revolutionary, simple 3-step system to gently remove toxins from your body – Refine – Reduce – Remove.

While cleansing is an important part of self-care to promote normal intestinal tract function and provide digestive support*, it must be done with intention. But, much of the work has already been done for you!

New Start™ provides advanced natural solutions for all three phases of cleansing:

Step 1: New Start™ Refine –

  • Supports your liver's purifying function*
  • Natural botanicals support detoxification*

New Start™ Refine supports your body's cleansing function, particularly your liver, to help with normal detoxification.*

Your body is constantly working to eliminate toxins through your lungs, kidneys, digestive system and especially your liver.

Every minute of every day, your properly functioning liver eliminates small amounts of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from your blood before returning it into circulation. A healthy liver utilizes complex enzymatic processes to metabolize toxins so they can be easily excreted from your body.

Normally, your liver secretes about a quart of bile a day. The function of bile is to carry processed non-functional, non-nutrient environmental compounds and their metabolites, as well as compounds your body normally makes such as cholesterol, to your intestine – where they're carried out of your body.

Step 2: New Start™ Reduce –

  • Traps and binds toxins eliminated by your liver*
  • Specialty blend of all-natural fibers bind toxins for transport*

The New Start™ Reduce step involves trapping and binding toxins secreted by your liver.*

Trapping and binding toxins secreted through the bile for transport from the body is crucial for effective support of your body's internal detoxification and cleansing functions.*

If the impurities are not bound by fiber, they become subject to re-absorption and recirculation by your body, ending up where they started, leaving you no better off.

Fibers trap toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, binding them and their metabolites for transport from your body.* Dietary fibers are capable of absorbing non-functional metals, environmental pollutants and even impurities your own body creates in your GI tract.*

The dietary fibers in New Start™ Reduce are an excellent source of fiber and have been:

  • Specially selected for their exceptional absorbing capacity that simplifies the effective elimination of entrapped toxins.*
  • Combined in a specific proprietary ratio to maximize their ability to resist the breakdown and fermentation by your intestinal flora.*

As I noted previously, the reason we chose all-natural fibers for New Start™ is that they do not re-introduce additional toxins into your body, giving you a cleaner cleanse.

Step 3: New Start™ Release –

  • Supports excretion of toxins through bile and intestinal bulk by removing it gently and thoroughly from your body*
  • Natural botanicals gently support toxin elimination*

In the third step – Release – toxins are gently removed from your body.*

Step 3 is gentle, comfortable and completes your cleanse.

Assisting the trapped toxins to move smoothly through the digestive tract, gently sweeping your colon of accumulated waste is the final step in New Start™.*

Powerful stimulant laxatives such as Cascara sagrada, psyllium, and senna are not used in New Start™. Why?

Because they can irritate the delicate layer of the intestine so that it sheds – stimulating bowel movements. This harsh action can cause cramping, bloating and worse. Maybe even leaving you feeling trapped in the bathroom half the day…

New Start™ Release is a gentle formula with a digestive botanical blend that works while you sleep to promote a healthy, comfortable bowel movement soon after waking in the morning.*

  Recommended Usage Recommended Time
1 Refine 2 Capsules ½ hour before eating
2 Reduce 1 Serving (10g scoop) daily, mixed with 8 oz. water or unsweetened juice ½ hour after dinner
3 Release 4 Capsules daily At bedtime

How Does New Start™ Stack Up Against the Competition?

Just in case you still have any doubts, here's a breakdown of many of the ways that New Start™ demonstrates superiority over its competition:

Comparison Analysis New Start™ Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse Renew Life Cleanse Smart Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse Generist Today Total 4 Cleanse
Program Duration 10 Days 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
>Presentation 3-Step Kit 3-Step Kit 2-Step Kit 2-Step Kit 2-Step Kit
For Evening Use Only Yes No No No Yes
Triple-action Yes Yes No No No
Contains USDA-certified Organic Fiber Yes No No No No
Clinically-studied Amount of Selenium Yes No No No No
Cilantro Yes No No No No
Cracked-wall Chlorella Yes No Yes Not Specified No
Harsh laxatives No Yes No Yes Yes
Suggested Retail Price $27.95 $29.95 $29.95 $28.95 $28.50

Does Life Begin in the Colon… Or Does Death Begin in the Colon?

Either could be true…

"Death begins in the colon" implicates toxins accumulating in your colon. But "life begins in the colon" because great digestive health is inseparably linked to your total immune health.

The term probiotics actually comes from the Greek, "for life". Probiotics put more LIFE into your life by maximizing the effects of a healthy diet. That's why I recommend you add them to your cleansing program…

Probiotics support your best immune health by replenishing microflora in your intestine for optimal balance, supporting bowel and intestinal health, and optimizing vitamin and mineral absorption from your healthy diet.

Lactobacillus sporogenes found in New and Improved COMPLETE PROBIOTICS™ are a superior strain of probiotic because they…

  • Have the best bioavailability for the body.*
  • Contain 2 billion live viable lactobacilli that retain their viability during preparation, storage, and shelf life.*
  • Effective – survives the rigorous acidic stomach environment and reach the intestine safely where they proliferate.*

And so much more…

So What Are You Waiting For?

New Start Cycle

I'm sure you'd agree that it's important to dredge to keep our rivers clean for the many benefits they add to our food supply, recreation, and navigation.

For you personally, it's even much more important to keep your bloodstream and digestive tract clean for the contribution that makes to your overall health and wellbeing.* You have much more control over the state of your internal cleanliness than you have over the world's rivers.

In just 10 days using New Start™, you can be feeling lighter on your feet, with a brighter outlook.* This periodic cleansing is recommended 2-4 times per year.

Bowelcare Plus keeps you feeling light and renewed.* It is the perfect complement to the New Start™ periodic cleanse.

I recommend you add Complete Probiotics™ for superb ongoing support. This new and improved Ultimate Package gives you the greatest level of support for your digestive system.

This process supports your healthy functioning cells, organs and systems (including your digestive tract) to contribute to your overall wellbeing.*

Give yourself the gift of a refreshing, cleansing boost and new energy.* Right now, while you're thinking about it, I urge you to make this small investment in yourself with New Start™, Bowelcare Plus, and New and Improved Complete Probiotics™.

Keep your body 'dredged' of its impurities.* And feel as light as air.*


New Start™ has been discontinued.

However, if you would like some information on how to detox, please take a look at these articles:

The Food that Helps You to Detox Pesticides
Optimizing your gut flora is one of the most powerful nutritional interventions you can implement to stay healthy. Discover how kimchi and other fermented foods can help you detox and promote optimal health.

Should You Detox to Get Rid of Chemicals?
Detoxing and cleansing your body of toxins periodically can definitely help counteract some of this onslaught of damage. But what is the best way to rid your system of toxins? Find out what a group of experts and I think the best way to detox is.

The Easiest Way to Eat ALL the Veggies You Need Every Day…
Juicing is a powerful tool that can accelerate your progress towards optimal health. Health benefits of juicing include increased absorption of nutrients, and improved detoxification and fat loss.


New Start™ has been discontinued.

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