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"Fear... Pain... Sorrow..."

Do These Gremlins Sabotage Your Happiness and Success?

The independent documentary "The Tapping Solution" (formerly known as "Try It On Everything") produced by Nick Ortner, and its companion book "Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping" written by Dr. Patricia Carrington, show you how you can powerfully and permanently chase away anxiety, insecurity, sorrow and even physical pain in just seven easy steps…and lead a fruitful and successful life!

Among others, "The Tapping Solution" tells the powerful story of Rene: "Oh, My God!!!" he screamed as he recalled the moment that changed his life forever.

The "movie" of that horrific event played over and over in his mind, thousands of times a day. Total paralysis gripped his life.

No one could blame him for the intensity of his emotions: less than a year ago his life was shattered when his car was hit by a truck merging onto the highway, and his beloved wife and soul mate Raquel was killed instantly.

She had just announced that they were expecting their first child together…

Her two children from a previous marriage, who had been living with them, were sent back to their biological father in Puerto Rico. His lively home was suddenly empty and silent – except for those screaming voices inside Rene's head. His remorse at not having been able to avoid the accident was unbearable…

How could he ever go on again? Was he even willing to try?

As told in "The Tapping Solution", just ten weeks after the accident Rene saw a sign announcing a workshop designed to help resolve precisely this kind of emotional issues. He applied, and was immediately accepted.

The film further documents how he was able to regain his ability to sleep, reduce the intensity and intrusiveness of the crash memories, and even begin to plan his life – including starting a new business venture and buying a house in Puerto Rico. He reports that he's now working out again and has lost 15 lbs!

And what did he discover at the workshop that helped him so much?

MERIDIAN TAPPING, which is described as a remarkable yet incredibly simple energy psychology technique that has already helped millions of people all around the world.

You, too, can discover this fascinating method, as well as more details about Rene's transformation, in the documentary "The Tapping Solution" and its accompanying book "Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping."

"The Tapping Solution should be in every home. If you find acupuncture, chiropractic and alternative healing methods to be a part of your life, then you MUST watch this film and learn this simple and effective healing technique."

– ARIELLE FORD, author, "The Soulmate Secret"

Overcoming Vexing Issues

EFT Techniques Jack Canfield

"I have been using MTT for years and have found it a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. Finally a film that captures this technique in a heartfelt, down to earth and passionate way. This information is essential if you want to live your best life!"

-Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Best-selling Series- Featured in "The Secret"

However, Rene is not the only beneficiary of Meridian Tapping you'll meet in this film…

The people you meet in "The Tapping Solution" tell their real life stories and how they were able to overcome many different issues – issues that impaired their ability to live their lives the way they yearned to live them.

Their stories, like Rene's, are revealed in "The Tapping Solution" and its companion book. The film and book show you exactly how to apply Meridian Tapping to your own life, to counteract the things that hold you back from a fully successful life.

And you don't even need to leave your home to use it! You can do it in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Dr. Patricia Carrington, clinical psychologist and author of the book, states that the Meridian Tapping techniques presented are a "genuinely effective way of changing human emotions and behaviors for the better."

Certainly the many devoted followers of "The Tapping Solution" agree with her. Consider the story of Bernadette….

Stressed and Beating Herself Up For Gaining Weight

EFT helps with weight loss

When asked to rate the role of stress in her life on a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being the highest possible level of stress – Bernadette rated her life at a "10."

A single working mother who raised four sons on her own, she suffered from a number of medical issues and reported that she'd been steadily gaining weight for twenty years. She was worried that she was "a heart attack in the making."

"The Tapping Solution" details Bernadette's battle with food issues over years. She really wanted to free herself from her struggles, and seemed to have so much to live for – an engaging circle of family and friends, and a rich and vital spiritual life.

During her difficult years of being a single working mother, she viewed lunch-time as the highlight of her day – her only time to be alone and enjoy pure and simple pleasure. Food consequently took on a highly emotional value in her life.

She also reports that she couldn't motivate herself to exercise consistently, and found it difficult to even walk a short distance without tiring.

As shown in "The Tapping Solution," since learning to use Meridian Tapping, Bernadette has been able to feel secure with or without food. She now feels happy and comfortable with herself, and although she hasn't lost astounding amounts of weight, she is very pleased at having lost seven pounds.

More importantly, as you'll see in the film, she's no longer angry with herself for being overweight, and no longer feels that food is controlling her. She now walks every day for an average of 30 minutes, and loves it!

And now, whenever she recognizes stress building up in her life, she taps and finds instant relief.

Bernadette suggests to those considering Meridian Tapping: "Try It! You have nothing to lose. It's easy, simple, and above all, it works! Anybody can do it and it doesn't take long to learn."

Now, a bit about the legitimacy of Meridian Tapping…

Does The Film Discuss Any Evidence for This Stuff?

EFT Energy Pathways

According to Nick Ortner's film and Dr. Carrington's book, if you've read anything about acupuncture you probably know it's based on the concept of a flow of special vital energy throughout your body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy flows through your body along certain invisible pathways called Meridians.

The theory behind acupuncture, they state, is that the cause of all pain and illness is a disruption in your body's energy system.

Dr. Carrington points out that, even though it might seem so, the ancient idea of your body as a system of energy pathways is not inconsistent with modern views.

She urges the reader to consider: Why do we hook patients up to electric sensors to monitor "life-force"? Why is a flat line on a heart monitor (meaning "no electrical activity") such a disturbing thing to see in a hospital? And why do we jump-start the hearts of fellow human beings with scary-looking electric paddles?

She says that your body – and life itself – can be easily viewed as an elaborate energy system. Every organ and body system seems to have its corresponding energy field and pathways.

The book tells us about U.S. Army tests that have measured the electro-magnetic field of the human heart as it extends up to eight feet outside the body. These fields and their corresponding currents are measurable and tangible. Without the continuous flow of energy through your body, you don't have life.

Energy Sciences and Energy Psychology

EFT Techniques John's Back Pain was gone by the second day and did not return

"The Tapping Solution" details how we're now seeing the development of new "energy sciences" and how one of their apparent discoveries is that the expression of genesis as crucial as their mere existence. According to the experts, that expression is controlled to a large degree by the energetic choices we make – thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and decisions…

The relatively new field of Energy Psychology likewise recognizes that we are, first and foremost, energetic beings. It regards energy centers, energy pathways, and bio-fields as vital players in human psychology… and attempts to address stubborn psychological issues by dealing with the bio-energy that's causing the felt emotional state.

The book explains the belief that if energy can be re-routed, dispersed or reshaped, your emotional state will change.

According to Dr. Carrington, traditional talk therapy can be helpful in tracing the origins of energy disruptions. But it's the disruption of the energy field itself that's responsible for negative emotions. Energy psychologists now attempt to treat energy patterns directly.

Dr. Carrington further states that when it's done successfully – as she says it often is with Meridian Tapping – phobias and self-destructive thinking patterns can permanently disappear after only one, or at most a few short treatment sessions.

"Stunning! This eye-opening film reveals how ANYONE can heal virtually anything with "tapping". I've used it for years and highly recommend it."

- JOE VITALE, best-selling author, "The Attractor Factor"

Just What is This Meridian Tapping Discussed in the Film?

EFT Techniques - Under Eye Point

Meridian Tapping is a self-administered technique that can be practiced either alone or under the supervision of a trained therapist, to relieve negative emotional patterns.

Its underlying premise, the film explains, is that all negative emotions are a result of a disruption in your body's energy system.

The film suggests that Meridian Tapping is deceptively simple.  "It is just like acupuncture – only without the needles."

It involves nothing more complicated than repeating custom-made verbal affirmations and tapping repeatedly on specific key locations on your body. On the surface, that's all there is to it.

The book "Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping" reports about the work of Dr. Roger Callahan, an American psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders.  He stumbled on a key discovery that eventually led to the development of Meridian Tapping – namely that if a person is focusing on a specific fear at the time they tap, that fear can be removed, often permanently.

According to "The Tapping Solution", Meridian Tapping is now the most influential and widely known Energy Psychology method in the world.

But Does It Really Work?

As Jack Canfield, the renowned co-author of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series, explains, "The proof is in the pudding." And that's what the film so successfully documents: ten people working on their issues, using nothing but the practice of Meridian Tapping, and obtaining amazing results.

And six months later, when they are brought together for a reunion, they maintain most, if not all, of the results they obtained at the workshop.

Dr. Carrington furthermore describes research studies that strongly confirm that Meridian Tapping does work.

One such study, the well-known Wells Study, was reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2003. Psychologist Steve Wells and his team of researchers tested Meridian Tapping against a deep-breathing technique, as a treatment for fears and phobias of small creatures like rats and cockroaches.

According to the book, they hoped to discover two things …

Whether MTT could deliver immediate benefits to participants, and
Whether benefits gained through MTT held up over time.

As Dr. Carrington explains, the results were surprising. Tapping proved far more effective than the comparison technique in four of five measures. Only pulse rate showed no statistical difference.

Most significantly, when subjects were re-tested six to nine months later, the gains achieved through Tapping had held up much more strongly than those achieved by the comparison method.

And this was after only one single 30-minute Meridian Tapping session with no intervening treatments.

Dr. Carrington also tells us that, spurred by the Wells study, a team of scientists led by Dr. Harvey Baker of New York (called the Baker-Siegel study) decided to try to replicate the Wells study, with a few new twists. Their comparison method was called the Supportive Interview, and utilized methods used in traditional talk therapy.

They also had a third "control" group who were present in the lab but didn't receive any treatment.  And they stretched the study period to 1.38 years.

The results suggested that although the initial benefits of Tapping shrank over time, they did not disappear by the time of re-testing more than a year later. This was with no further treatment during the interim, similar to the Wells study.

Dr. Carrington also discusses a recent large-group study conducted by psychologist Jack Rowe and published in the Counseling & Clinical Psychology Journal. The study looked at participants at a conference led by Tapping expert Gary Craig.

More than 100 attendees took the SCL 90-R – a highly respected measure of psychological distress – five times… one month before the workshop, at the beginning of the workshop, at the end of the workshop, one month later, and six months later.

As Dr. Carrington discusses, the results suggested a highly significant decrease in distress from pre-workshop to immediately after the workshop.

Six months later the gains from the workshop were still holding up strongly – with only minor diminishment of intensity, as might be expected.

"I had a serious knee injury and tapped along as you suggested and the pain is just gone. My knee is perfect. Now, I know that Tapping works, but it still amazes me how spectacular it works."

- Madalyn M. Richardson

Why Nothing Works All The Time

EFT Techniques Jodi's Knee Pain Disappeared

The film and book point out that there's nothing that works one hundred percent of the time. Talk therapy doesn't… medication doesn't… breathing techniques don't.

In fact, during the four-day workshop recorded in "The Tapping Solution", there were a few people who didn't seem to be helped by Tapping. The film explains that several of the attendees had "one minute miracles", almost all improved substantially over a longer period of time, while a couple of attendees saw little difference.

They suggest two possible factors…

From Dr. Carrington's perspective, some people may have a hidden agenda for maintaining their life the way it is, and therefore resist changing. There are people who don't want to face the changes that getting rid of a phobia would require of them.

She also explains that fears often have numerous aspects … meaning that multiple memories, emotions and psychological considerations are driving the fear, each of which must be addressed individually.

One example given in the book Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping, is fear of flying, which often presents these common aspects …

Fear of being in an enclosed cabin
Fear of not being in control during the flight
Fear of the plane crashing
Fear of heights
Fear of being hijacked, etc.

Even with the issue of multiple aspects, those who are eager to chase away the 'gremlins' that hinder them from living life to the fullest should find that Meridian Tapping is worth a try. And it can be used for so many areas of life …

"The clips from interviews with a great range of experts are very helpful, worth watching again and again for the insights they bring. Thank you so much for the care and love you have put into the making of this great little DVD. It¹s a gem."

-Lynsey Ferrari, New Zealand

The Many Sides of Meridian Tapping Success

The movie and the book advocate using Meridian Tapping for every area of your life.

Which of these areas would you like to improve?

In the book, Dr. Carrington encourages the reader to try tapping for any and all of these things…

Fears and phobias– dental visits, surgery, elevators, needles, flying, public speaking, death, physical pain, enclosed spaces, creatures like snakes, mice, and spiders… and many other objects or situations
Performance Enhancement– musical performance, athletic performance, public speaking, dance, academic skills, exam taking, job interviews, sales, writer's block, business success …
Weight Loss– dealing with the underlying emotions that affect eating, including sadness, loneliness, depression, boredom, guilt, frustration, and discouragement
Physical Conditions and Pain– In her book, Dr. Carrington quotes Gary Craig as saying:

Drugs tend to temporarily help the chemical causes of pain but they have limited ability to reduce any long term underlying emotional causes. Tapping, on the other hand, collapses these emotional causes and that is why long-term pain relief is often achieved.

The book states that toothache relief is one of the most frequent benefits reported from Meridian Tapping. It also reports relief from back pain/injury, burns, insect stings, muscle cramps, accident injuries, arthritis, infections, sore throat, and many other things.

Creating Desirable Habits– The film and book are intended to help you rid yourself of behaviors that are not serving you well, and replacing undesirable habits with self-enhancing ones.
Using Tapping directly on emotional states that you want to change – These may include anger, hatred, depression…
Sleep issues – Meridian Tapping can help you feel "pleasantly drowsy" when it's time to sleep
Addictions– Due to their usual complexity of underlying causes, these conditions require persistence. For major addictions, the author suggests working with an experienced Tapping practitioner.

Allergies– hay fever, rashes, insect stings, anaphylactic shock, food or milk allergies, and more. The book emphasizes that caution should be employed here – some allergic reactions can be life threatening. The author does not suggest you quit your doctor's advice that may put your life at risk.

One related caveat… The producers of the movie and the author of the book expressly state that Meridian Tapping is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. They urge that Tapping is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

They expressly clarify that reading the book and using Meridian Tapping on yourself should not replace your health care from medical/psychological professionals. And information contained in the book and film are not to be considered a recommendation to stop seeing any of your health care professionals, or to stop using prescribed medication without consulting your health care professional.

Launch Your Attack Against The Gremlins in Your Life Today

The Tapping Solution shows you exactly how to implement Meridian Tapping for yourself in the privacy of your own home… to bring about the changes you want in your life.

You'll get actionable how-to's from Nick Ortner and other Tapping practitioners, plus testimonials from many dozens of users that will inspire and motivate you. And the book includes a five-page list of special resources. Both the film and the book explain how to:

Discover the exact tapping locations that release obstructions in your energy flow
Uncover the specific affirmation statements to use for each area of your life that you use Tapping for
Be able to use Meridian Tapping anywhere, at any time.
Be able to reduce or eliminate your fears, phobias, performance blocks, post-traumatic stress, and many other common problems.
Find out how truly gentle it is, how simple and easy to learn.

The movie shows you how to launch yourself into a new lifestyle, free from the stresses and limitations of phobias, fears, and the other 'gremlins' that rob your capabilities and your joy, and to empower yourself like never before.

You'll want to get started watching the movie and reading the book today…!

"Just watched both the 6-month follow-up and Making of the Film and am weeping. How very, very beautiful! Can't thank you enough for making this film and helping to change the world for the better."

- Kay Christopher

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EFT Try It On Everything Tapping Points

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- JACK CANFIELD, co-author, "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

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