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Mercury-Free Dentistry Week Mercury-Free Dentistry Week

Support The Phasing Out of Mercury Around The World

This year we are celebrating our 6th Annual Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, August 21st to 28th, to help abolish the use of mercury, the most toxic and volatile of the heavy metals. Mercury is an incredibly potent neurotoxin; it doesn't take much to cause serious damage because it's an absolute poison.

Fortunately, we have organizations such as Consumers for Dental Choice. This group of talented consumer advocates, environmentalists, and health professionals are working tirelessly to stop the use of dental mercury around the world. During this week, a portion of proceeds from my sales will help match donations up to $100,000.

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Consumers for Dental Choice has made amazing progress toward mercury-free dentistry. But there's still hard work ahead as Consumers for Dental Choice is now breaking barriers that limit consumer access to mercury-free dentistry, forcing federal and state government agencies to be accountable, and organizing briefings for governments around the world.

You can help stop dental mercury today! Shop now to support the Consumers for Dental Choice and their campaign for all consumers to have access to mercury-free dentistry, or you can donate directly by CLICKING HERE.


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