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BlueTube Headset Compatibility Chart

Does My Phone Require an an Adapter?

Dr. Mercola's Blue Tube Headsets come in two convenient types: 2.5mm jacks and 3.5mm jacks. These popular jack sizes accomodate most phones.

For help determining the size of your jack, use the chart below.

If your phone is not listed, check your phone's user manual, your phone's manufacturer or your mobile carrier.

If you require an adapter, we do offer a few in our store. You can also find them at many wireless retailers and electronics stores. They are compatable with 2.5mm Blue Tube Headsets.

You Cell Phone Brand & Model Jack
Do You
Need an
iPhone, iPhone 3G 3.5mm No n/a
3625, 3760, 3770 2.5mm No n/a
CDM-105, CDM-120, CDM-120, CDM-130, CDM-130XL, CDM-135, CDM-135, CDM-135XL, CDM-135XL, CDM-180, CDM-3000, CDM-3000XL, CDM-3300, CDM-3300, CDM-3300, CDM-4000, CDM-4000, CDM-4000AT, CDM-4000BA, CDM-4000XL, CDM-4500, CDM-8000, CDM-8500, CDM-8600, CDM-8900, CDM-8905, CDM-8910VW, CDM-8940, CDM-8945, CDM-9000, CDM-9000, CDM-9100, CDM-9100, CDM-9155, CDM-9500, CDM-9900, CDM-9950, CMP, Flasher V7, G'zOne Type V, HGP2000E, MVX-401, MVX-405, MVX-406, MVX-425, MVX-430, MVX-440, MVX-450, MVX-460, MVX-465, MVX-470, MVX-475, MVX-480, MVX-480XL, MVX-525, MVX-530, MVX-535, MVX-550, MVX-560, MVX-565, MVX-605, MVX-605AAA, MVX-605XL, MVX-700, MVX-750, MVX-800, MVX-850, PCX-1000XL, PCX-1100XL, PCX-3500, PCX-3500XL, PPC4100, PPC6601, SMT5600, Sprint PM-8920, Sprint VM4050, Super Slice, TDM-2500, TDM-2500XL, Verizon Coupe 8630, Virgin Mobile Slice (UTStarcom PCS1400) 2.5mm No n/a
Communicator 2.5mm No n/a
3625, F80P-173, ST, XL 2.5mm No n/a
4NE1, A7110, AX275 2.5mm No n/a
MZX-900K 2.5mm No n/a
AH129, AH131, AH250, AH270, AH350, AH355, G100E, G310, G340, G410, T200, T250, T255 2.5mm No n/a
270c, A-130, A388, A630, A845, C139, C168i (AT&T), C290, C331g, C332, C333 (CDMA), C333 (GSM), C350g, C353, C359 (GSM), C650, CD-928, CellStar, Deluxe ic902, Digital 725, Timeport, Timeport L7089, V120c, V180, V188, V195, V195s, V220, V2260, V2260, V2267, V2267, V2282, V2282, V2290, V2297, V2397, V2397, V265, V300, V325, V330, V360, V365, V3682, V400, V505, V557, V60, V600, V60c,, V60ci, V60g, V60i (CDMA), V60ic, V60p (PTT), V60T color, V66, V70, V710, V8160, V8160, V8162, W315, W385 2.5mm No n/a
1145, 1150, 1325, 1335, 1375, 1410, 1415, 1430, 1435, 1475, CD-3500 2.5mm No n/a
Palm Pre 3.5mm No n/a
EB-H10, EB-H105, EB-H20, EB-H205, EB-H40, EB-H55, EB-H66, EB-H70 2.5mm No n/a
PR-140, PR-150 2.5mm No n/a
QCP-6035, QCP-3035 2.5mm No n/a
RIM BlackBerry Curve (AT&T), RIM BlackBerry Curve (T-Mobile), RIM BlackBerry Curve (aka BlackBerry 8300) 3.5mm No n/a
SCP-5150, SCP-5300, SCP-5400, SCP-6000, SCP-6200, SCP-6400 2.5mm No n/a

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